Report: The Mother Tells Hartsville Cops That She Heard Gunshots and Then Saw That Her Baby Had Been Hit

HARTSVILLE, S.C. A police report obtained by News13 says that a shooting happened at an apartment complex in Hartsville on Sunday while a baby and her mother were sitting on a couch in their living room.

At an apartment on the 500 block of Swift Creek Road, a stray bullet hit the baby in the right cheek. The mother told the cops that she heard gunshots and then saw that her baby had been hit in the face.

Andrew Toney, who is 45 years old, has been caught and charged with attempted murder. Kayne Demarion Herring, who is 19, is still being looked for in connection with the shooting.

Officers went to the area for the first time around 7 p.m. Sunday after getting a call that someone had been shot and hurt.

The report said that when cops were on their way to the area, a woman stopped them and told them that a baby in the back seat of her car had been shot in the face. The child was with the mother in the back seat.

The report said that the baby was taken out of the car and given first aid while EMS and fire units were on their way. Authorities then took the baby and her mother to Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center.

The story said that when the police looked into the shooting, they found that several buildings had been hit. One bullet broke a window, went through a gutter, and hit the side of the house. At the time, no one was home, and the person who lived there did not want to talk to the police.

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