Florence Police and First Responders Stage Mock DUI Crash at High School

Members from the Pinal County Attorney’s Office teamed up with first responders for a DUI demonstration at Florence High School.

This event, held on Wednesday at the school, was organized by the Florence Police Department to help keep teenagers safe during graduation and prom time.

The demonstration included a staged DUI scenario with a car crash, a pretend fatality, and a helicopter rescue.

“While it’s tough to watch, these demonstrations are crucial to show young people the real-life consequences of driving under the influence. We hope the students gained valuable insights, and we’re grateful for their participation,” stated a post on the PCAO Facebook page.

Florence Police Chief Bruce Wall mentioned that his team collaborated with the principal and staff at Florence High School to educate students about the dangers of impaired driving and its repercussions.

The police were supported by the Florence Fire & Medical Department and the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office during the event.

“Our aim is for our graduates to celebrate safely,” said Walls.

Under Walls’ leadership, the Florence Police Department has been actively engaging with students by regularly visiting all school campuses to build personal connections.

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