6 Reasons Why You Might Want to Stop Using Telegram

Telegram, a popular messaging app, has gained significant popularity recently thanks to its convenient multi-device sync and engaging chat features. Nevertheless, there are some drawbacks to the app that warrant consideration. Here are six reasons you might want to halt your use of Telegram:

1. Default Lack of End-to-End Encryption in Telegram Chats

In contrast to WhatsApp and Signal, where all your chats are automatically safeguarded by end-to-end encryption, Telegram only encrypts messages during their transit between your device and the Telegram server. These messages reside on the server, potentially exposing them in the event of a breach.

2. Collection of Contact Data by Telegram

By default, Telegram gathers basic information about your phone contacts. The company claims this is done to inform you when someone you know joins Telegram and to display their name in the service¹. While this may seem invasive for a privacy-focused app, you do have the option to disable it.

3. Limited Customer Support

Telegram provides limited customer support options, with primary avenues being reaching out on Twitter, accessing the Telegram Support form, or navigating to Settings > Ask a Question within the app. This support is managed by volunteers, so while you may receive assistance, there’s no guarantee.

4. Potential Isolation If Your Friends Don’t Use It

Apart from concerns related to usability, privacy, and security, there’s a practical reason to consider: if your friends are not using Telegram, its utility diminishes.

Stop Using Telegram

5. Introduction of Ads and Subscription Plans

Telegram has introduced ads and a subscription plan, which may deter users who prefer ad-free experiences or are unwilling to pay for extra features.

6. Various Concerns Surrounding Telegram

There are other concerns associated with Telegram that could make you rethink its usage. These concerns span from issues with its user interface to uncertainties about its future development.


While Telegram offers advantages, it’s essential to acknowledge these potential downsides before determining whether it’s the right messaging app for you.


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