11 Best Digital Products to Sell: That Are Crazy Popular Right Now

Best Digital Products to Sell: Digital products encompass items that can be downloaded or accessed online, such as eBooks, courses, graphics, videos, and more. They are highly favored by online entrepreneurs due to their minimal production and distribution costs, generous profit margins, and boundless scalability.

If you’re seeking inspiration for digital products to create and sell in 2023, here are 11 exceptional options to consider:

11 Best Digital Products to Sell: That Are Crazy Popular Right Now

1. eBooks and PDFs

EBooks and PDFs rank among the most prevalent digital products. These can be employed to share your knowledge, expertise, or narratives with your audience. You can either author them yourself or enlist a ghostwriter’s assistance. Tools like Canva or Vellum can aid in designing and formatting your eBooks and PDFs.

Examples of eBooks and PDFs you can sell include:

  • How-to guides
  • Cookbooks
  • Travel guides
  • Fiction or non-fiction books
  • Checklists
  • Worksheets
  • Planners

Benefits of Selling eBooks

Selling eBooks offers several benefits, including:

Higher Profit Margins: You retain a larger percentage of the sale since you can avoid paying commissions or fees to third-party platforms or distributors, allowing you to maximize your profits.

Pricing Flexibility: You have the freedom to set your eBook’s price according to your market research and goals, providing you with greater control over your revenue strategy.

Bundle Opportunities: Offering bundles, such as print + eBook combinations at discounted prices, can boost sales and enhance customer satisfaction by catering to various preferences and needs.

Marketing Autonomy: You have full control over how you market your eBook. This autonomy enables you to tailor your promotional strategies to reach your target audience effectively, without competing with other products or offers.

Streamlined Purchasing: Readers can purchase your eBook directly from your website, eliminating the need for redirection to external platforms. This simplifies the buying process, increasing conversion rates and customer retention.

Authority and Engagement: Selling eBooks can help you establish yourself as an authority in your niche. Building a loyal fan base that trusts your expertise can lead to increased engagement and long-term success.

Email List Building: By collecting customer contact information during eBook sales, you can create an email list of interested individuals. This list becomes a valuable asset for ongoing communication, providing opportunities to offer more value and promote future products.

These advantages make selling eBooks a lucrative and strategic choice for authors and content creators.

11 Best Digital Products to Sel

2. Online Courses

Online courses represent another popular avenue for imparting your skills or passions. You can craft video lessons, audio lectures, slides, quizzes, assignments, and certificates for your students. Various platforms like Teachable, Udemy, Skillshare, or Podia can host your courses.

Examples of online courses you can sell encompass:

  • Language learning
  • Photography
  • Web development
  • Yoga
  • Marketing
  • Personal development
  • Music

Benefits of Selling Online Courses:

Selling online courses offers numerous advantages, including:

Diversified Revenue Streams: Creating and selling online courses provides an additional income source for your business. This allows you to monetize your expertise and skills, and you can further boost earnings by offering related products or services alongside your courses.

Access to New Audiences: Online course platforms and marketplaces offer access to vast, established audiences. Leveraging these platforms can help you attract and enroll a broader customer base interested in your niche or topic. Additionally, you can tap into the platform’s features and support for course creation and sales.

Passive Income Potential: Online courses are a prime example of passive income. Once you’ve invested the time and resources to create them, you can sell them repeatedly without the need for continuous course development. This results in a steady stream of recurring revenue.

Geographical Freedom: Selling online courses breaks down geographical barriers. You can reach a global audience, allowing customers to access your courses from anywhere at any time. This broadens your reach and enables you to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Knowledge Sharing and Influence: By teaching valuable and practical skills through your courses, you contribute positively to your customers’ lives. Sharing your expertise and experiences not only benefits them but also helps establish you as an authority and leader in your field, enhancing your influence and reputation.

11 Best Digital Products to Sell

3. Graphics and Creative Art

If you possess graphic design or artistic talent, you can market your creations as digital products. Generate logos, icons, illustrations, patterns, stickers, wallpapers, and more. Employ tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Procreate, or Canva for crafting your graphics and artwork.

Examples of graphics and creative art for sale include:

  • Logo templates
  • Social media graphics
  • Printables
  • Clipart
  • Coloring pages
  • Digital stickers
  • Digital art

Benefits of Selling Graphics and Art:

Here are some benefits of selling graphics and art:

Monthly Commission Earnings: By selling your artwork online through platforms like Getty Images, you can generate a consistent monthly income. You receive payment for each download or use of your work, and these platforms can also enhance your visibility, helping you reach a broader audience.

Direct Customer Relationships and Follower Base: Selling your art independently, either on your own website or through social media, enables you to establish direct connections with your buyers. This direct communication allows you to build a dedicated following of loyal customers who appreciate your work. Over time, you can create a personal brand that resonates with your audience.

100% Profit Retention: Selling your art independently means you retain the entirety of the profits from each sale. There are no fees or commissions to pay to third-party platforms or agents. This financial freedom also grants you the flexibility to set your own prices and offer discounts as per your goals and strategy.

Passive Income Opportunities: Beyond selling individual pieces of art, you can create digital products or resources based on your work, such as fonts, brushes, textures, patterns, and more. These digital assets can be sold repeatedly without the need to recreate them each time. Automating the delivery and payment process further streamlines your operations, allowing you to earn passive income effortlessly.

These benefits make selling graphics and art online a lucrative and rewarding endeavor.

11 Best Digital Products to Sell

4. Membership Sites

Membership sites are online platforms that furnish exclusive content or services to subscribing members. They typically entail recurring fees. You can create a membership site dedicated to any niche or subject of personal interest. Platforms like MemberPress, Substack, Patreon, or Kajabi can facilitate building and managing your membership site.

Examples of membership sites you can establish cover:

  • Newsletters
  • Podcasts
  • Community forums
  • Coaching programs
  • Mastermind groups
  • Online clubs
  • VIP access

Benefits of Memberships:

Benefits of memberships include:

Enhanced Customer Value: Memberships and membership cards can provide exclusive offers, discounts, rewards, or privileges not available to the general public. This can attract and retain more customers, making them feel valued and appreciated by the business.

Steady and Predictable Funding: Membership dues can offer immediate and unrestricted funds, helping the business cover operational costs and plan its budget. Memberships serve as a stable and reliable source of income, supporting the business’s growth and sustainability.

Networking Opportunities: Memberships foster a sense of community and belonging among members who share common interests, goals, or challenges. They also facilitate connections and collaborations, enabling members to learn from each other, exchange ideas, and find potential partners.

Professional Development: Memberships grant access to educational resources, events, or tools that help members enhance their skills, knowledge, or performance. Additionally, memberships can provide recognition, certification, or accreditation that boosts members’ credibility, reputation, or career prospects.

Exclusive Perks and Discounts: Memberships offer various benefits that save members money, time, or effort. These benefits can include free or discounted access to relevant products, services, publications, software, and more. Additionally, memberships may provide access to insurance, legal advice, travel deals, and other offerings that protect or benefit members.

11 Best Digital Products to Sell

5. Website Templates

Website templates are pre-designed layouts that simplify website creation without coding or hiring a developer. You can tailor these templates to various platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, or Wix.

Examples of website templates you can offer consist of:

  • Blog themes
  • E-commerce themes
  • Portfolio themes
  • Landing page themes
  • Resume themes
  • Magazine themes
  • Business themes

Benefits of Selling Templates:

Selling templates offers several noteworthy benefits:

Surging Demand for Templates: Templates are in high demand among users seeking professional designs without investing excessive time or money. You can cater to this market by offering templates tailored to your target audience’s needs and preferences.

Minimal Upfront Costs: Templates are digital products, eliminating the need for physical materials, inventory, or shipping. You can create and sell templates on platforms like Canva and Payhip, which offer free or cost-effective tools and resources.

Generous Profit Margins and Passive Income: Templates are scalable products that can be sold multiple times without the need to continually create new ones. You can streamline the delivery and payment process, saving time and effort. The majority of your template sales revenue becomes profit, serving as a source of passive income.

Creative Expression and Personal Freedom: Designing templates is an enjoyable and creatively fulfilling endeavor. It provides a platform for self-expression and creativity. Additionally, you gain greater control and flexibility over your work schedule, income objectives, and design choices.

11 Best Digital Products to Sell

6. Videos

Videos constitute another form of marketable digital products. Use them for entertainment, education, or inspiration. Employ tools like Camtasia, iMovie, Premiere Pro, or Loom for recording and editing.

Examples of videos for sale include:

  • Tutorials
  • Webinars
  • Interviews
  • Reviews
  • Testimonials
  • Animations
  • Short films

Benefits of Selling Video Content:

Selling video content offers several benefits, including:

Assisting Purchasing Decisions: Video content effectively demonstrates your products or services, highlighting their features and benefits. It can address common queries and objections, fostering trust and emotional connection, ultimately driving potential customers to make a purchase.

Informing and Engaging: Video content serves as a dynamic medium to educate, entertain, and inspire your audience. It keeps them informed about products, events, and industry news, enhancing their engagement and loyalty.

Showcasing Expertise: Through video, you can establish yourself as an authority in your field, bolstering your credibility. Sharing knowledge and skills through video content provides solutions to your customers’ challenges and helps them achieve their goals.

Boosting SEO Performance: Video content enhances your search engine optimization efforts by increasing website traffic, dwell time, and engagement. It also expands your keyword reach, particularly for long-tail and voice-based queries, aligning with user intent and improving search engine rankings.

Cost-Effective Entry: Starting with video content is budget-friendly. You can create and sell videos using free or affordable online platforms and tools. Expensive equipment and production crews are not necessary; a smartphone, laptop, or basic camera can suffice for recording and editing videos.

11 Best Digital Products to Sell

7. Stock Photos

Stock photos are images available for various purposes without copyright concerns. They find use in websites, blogs, social media, presentations, advertisements, and more. You can capture your own photos or utilize tools like Lightroom, Photoshop, or Snapseed for editing.

Examples of stock photos for sale involve:

  • Nature photos
  • Travel photos
  • Food photos
  • Lifestyle photos
  • Business photos
  • Product photos
  • Abstract photos

Benefits of Selling Stock Photos:

Selling stock photos offers several advantages, including:

Generating Passive Income: Stock photos can provide a steady stream of passive income. These images can be sold multiple times to various buyers under a royalty-free license, allowing you to earn money without additional effort. You can also set your own prices and commissions based on the platform you choose.

Exercising Full Creative Control: When creating stock photos, you have complete control over the subject matter, timing, and location. Whether using existing photos or planning new shoots, you can select subjects, styles, and themes that align with your interests and skills. This freedom allows you to work at your own pace without the pressure of meeting deadlines or client expectations.

Accessing a Global Market: Online platforms for selling stock photos have a vast international customer base. This global reach exposes your photos to a diverse audience that may not be accessible through other avenues. Additionally, it boosts your visibility and reputation as a photographer by showcasing your work on these platforms.

Fostering Creativity and Skill Growth: Selling stock photos encourages you to create visually appealing, relevant, and original images. It presents an opportunity to experiment with different genres, techniques, and trends, thereby enhancing your photography skills and portfolio. You can also learn from fellow stock photographers and gather valuable feedback from buyers.

By leveraging these benefits, selling stock photos can be a rewarding endeavor for photographers.

11 Best Digital Products to Sell

8. Music

Music constitutes another marketable digital product. Utilize it for self-expression, showcasing talent, or as background audio for other projects. Software like GarageBand, Logic Pro X, FL Studio, or Audacity can assist in music creation.

Examples of music products include:

  • Songs
  • Beats
  • Loops
  • Soundtracks
  • Sound effects
  • Jingles
  • Ringtones

Benefits of Selling Music Online:

Selling music online offers several significant advantages:

Enhanced Convenience for Consumers: Selling music online streamlines the purchasing process for your fans. They can easily acquire your songs or albums with just a few clicks, eliminating the need to visit physical stores or wait for deliveries. Additionally, you can cater to diverse preferences and devices by offering various formats like digital downloads, streaming, or physical CDs.

Broadening Your Fan Base Daily: Online music sales expose your work to a global audience, continually attracting potential new fans. Platforms such as social media, blogs, podcasts, playlists, and online radio serve as avenues for discovery. Leveraging online marketing tools like email newsletters, ads, and SEO can further amplify your music’s reach, drawing in more listeners.

Tapping into Streaming Services for Revenue: Online music sales provide an opportunity to generate income from streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora. These platforms compensate you with royalties each time your music is played. While individual payouts per stream may seem modest, they accumulate over time, offering a consistent source of passive income.

Mitigating Customer Dissatisfaction: Selling music online grants your fans the chance to preview your music before committing to a purchase. This feature can significantly boost their satisfaction and foster loyalty. Furthermore, streaming services enable listeners to enjoy your music without upfront costs, potentially encouraging them to make a purchase if they find your music appealing.

11 Best Digital Products to Sell

9. Fonts

Fonts encompass character sets with distinct styles and appearances, enhancing text aesthetics. These can be employed for logos, headlines, posters, and documents. You can design your own fonts or use software such as FontLab, Glyphs, or FontForge.

Examples of fonts available for sale involve:

  • Handwritten fonts
  • Script fonts
  • Serif fonts
  • Sans serif fonts
  • Display fonts
  • Vintage fonts
  • Modern fonts

Benefits of Selling Fonts:

Here are some advantages of selling fonts:

Less Competition: The font market is less saturated compared to other digital products like videos, photos, images, or PDFs. This lower competition gives you a better opportunity to stand out and attract customers with your unique and creative fonts.

Quick Creation: If you possess the necessary skills and tools for font design, you can create a font in just a few hours using online resources. You can also use existing fonts as inspiration or templates to expedite the process. This means you don’t have to invest significant time or money in production or delivery.

Low Overheads: Selling fonts online doesn’t demand substantial investments or expenses. You can leverage free or cost-effective platforms like Sellfy, Creative Market, or Fontspring to host and sell your fonts. There’s no need to worry about printing, shipping, or inventory costs. Additionally, you can utilize free or budget-friendly marketing tools like social media, email newsletters, or blogs to promote your fonts.

Unlimited Stock: Selling fonts online allows you to sell an unlimited number of copies without ever running out of stock. You can continually update and enhance your fonts and offer free or paid upgrades to your customers without concerns about product scarcity or damage.

Passive Income: Selling fonts online can generate passive income, enabling you to earn money from your fonts even when you’re not actively working on them. Once you upload your fonts to a platform, they remain available for purchase by customers anytime and anywhere. You can also earn royalties from subscription-based platforms such as Adobe Fonts or Envato Elements.

These benefits make font sales an attractive option for those with design skills and creativity.

11 Best Digital Products to Sell

10. Services

Services encompass tasks you can offer to clients online, including writing, editing, design, coding, consulting, or coaching. Freelancing, consulting, or coaching roles are common avenues for service delivery. Platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, or Coach.me can aid in finding and delivering services.

Examples of services available for sale include:

  • Copywriting
  • Proofreading
  • Graphic design
  • Web development
  • SEO
  • Social media management
  • Life coaching

Benefits of Selling Services:

Certainly, here are some benefits of selling services:

Tailoring Solutions to Customer Needs: Selling services enables you to customize your offerings to meet the specific requirements and objectives of your clients. This flexibility allows you to adapt and innovate your services to align with changing market dynamics and evolving customer expectations, enhancing your business’s agility and competitiveness.

Reducing Operational Costs: Service-based businesses do not necessitate the procurement, warehousing, or shipping of physical goods. This absence of goods-related overhead costs can lead to reduced operational expenses and diminished risks. Additionally, you can focus on delivering value through your expertise and skills, without the concerns of inventory management, product quality, or obsolescence.

Cultivating Long-term Customer Relationships: By emphasizing the value of your services over their price, you can establish trust and foster customer loyalty. Demonstrating a genuine commitment to your clients’ success and satisfaction goes beyond making a simple transaction. Offering ongoing support, soliciting feedback, and providing service upgrades can enhance customer retention and encourage referrals.

Enhancing Profitability: Selling services often yields higher profit margins compared to selling physical products, especially when you can differentiate your services and effectively showcase their value to customers. Charging based on the outcomes or results your services deliver, rather than just time or resources consumed, can further bolster profitability. Additionally, diversifying your service offerings to cater to different customer segments or expanding your service portfolio can leverage economies of scale a11 Best Digital Products to Sellnd scope, increasing overall profitability.


11. Software

Software entails programs or applications facilitating various computer or mobile functions, such as word processing, gaming, editing, or browsing. You can either create your own software or employ tools like Visual Studio Code, Xcode, Android Studio, or Unity for development.

Examples of software products encompass:

  • Apps
  • Games
  • Plugins
  • Extensions
  • Themes
  • Scripts
  • Tools

These represent some of the finest digital products you can create and market in 2023. Keep in mind that numerous possibilities and variations exist. The key is to identify your strengths, passions, and the demands of your target audience. With this understanding, you can embark on creating and selling your digital products online, reaping the benefits of passive income and creative autonomy. Best of luck!

Benefits of Selling Software:

Here are some advantages of pursuing a career in software sales:

Lucrative Earning Potential: Selling software can be a highly profitable career, especially if you specialize in technical or niche products that cater to specific client needs. Sales engineers, who deal with software requiring engineering or technical expertise, enjoy an average annual salary of $85,287. Additionally, you may have the opportunity to earn commissions or bonuses based on your sales performance and results.

Opportunities for Advancement: The software sales industry is dynamic and competitive, offering numerous avenues for professional growth and development. By working with diverse clients, products, and markets, you can acquire new skills, build expertise, and expand your professional network. Moreover, there’s potential to advance to higher positions such as sales manager, account executive, or sales director, which come with increased responsibilities and rewards.

Positive Job Outlook: Software sales is a thriving and sought-after field, expected to have a favorable job outlook in the coming years. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for sales engineers is projected to grow by 6% from 2023 to 2033, surpassing the average growth rate for all occupations. As businesses increasingly adopt digital technologies and solutions, the demand for software products and services is likely to rise, presenting promising career prospects.

Low Educational Barrier: Entering the field of software sales doesn’t require extensive formal education or training. You can kickstart your career with a high school diploma or equivalent qualification and gain practical experience on the job. Alternatively, you can enhance your knowledge and skills through online courses or certifications. Furthermore, if you already possess a background in software or technology, you can leverage your existing expertise and interests to sell software products or services that align with your strengths and passions.

11 Best Digital Products to Sell

What Are Some Popular Platforms for Selling Digital Products?

Several platforms are available for selling your digital products online, catering to various needs and preferences. Here are some of the most popular options:

Payhip: Payhip enables you to establish an online store or conduct sales through social media, even if you don’t have a dedicated website. It’s a user-friendly platform for digital product sales.

Easy Digital Downloads: If you’re running a WordPress website, Easy Digital Downloads is an excellent choice. It seamlessly integrates into WordPress, allowing you to sell ebooks, plugins, images, and other digital files directly from your site.

Podia: Podia offers a versatile platform for selling digital products, including downloads, membership subscriptions, webinars, and courses. You can seamlessly integrate it into your own website or landing page, providing a comprehensive solution for digital product creators.

Sellfy: Sellfy is a robust platform that accommodates a wide range of digital products, including physical products and subscription services. You can use it to set up your own website or a custom storefront to facilitate sales.

What Are Some Tips for Creating High-quality Digital Products?

Here are some tips for creating high-quality digital products:

Understand Search Intent and Call to Action:

  • Gain a deep understanding of what your potential customers are searching for and what specific actions you want them to take after engaging with your product.

Optimize Formatting for Readability:

  • Ensure your product is user-friendly by employing proper formatting techniques. Use headings, bullet points, images, and ample white space to enhance readability and navigation.

Stay Informed About Trends and Generate Content Ideas:

  • Stay updated on the latest trends and discussions within your niche. Maintain a backlog of content ideas to fuel your product creation pipeline.

Conduct Thorough Research for Credibility:

  • Build trust and establish authority by conducting comprehensive research. Support your claims and arguments with credible sources and data to reinforce your expertise.

Infuse Your Unique Perspective:

  • Differentiate your product by injecting your own voice, personality, and insights. This personal touch helps your product stand out and fosters a stronger connection with your audience.

Focus on a Niche Subtopic:

  • Narrow your product’s focus to address a specific problem or need within your market. Concentrate on serving a well-defined segment of your audience effectively.

Diversify with Multimedia Content:

  • Enhance your product’s appeal by incorporating various media types such as audio, video, or graphics. This approach caters to different learning styles and keeps your content engaging.

What Are Some Common Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Digital Products?

Common mistakes to avoid when creating digital products include:

  • Failure to Validate Your Offer: It’s crucial to test your product concept with your target audience before committing resources to its development. Utilize methods like surveys, interviews, landing pages, or pre-sales to gauge demand and interest in your offering.
  • Neglecting the Minimum Viable Product (MVP): Begin by creating a basic version of your product that incorporates essential features and benefits your customers require. This allows for iterative improvements based on feedback and data, preventing unnecessary development of features customers neither want nor need.
  • Lacking Timely Customer Feedback: Involve your customers throughout the product development process, starting from idea generation to launch. Employ surveys, interviews, beta testing, reviews, and analytics to gather feedback, understand their preferences, and adapt your product accordingly.
  • Misalignment with Business Goals: Ensure your digital product aligns with your overall business objectives and values. Develop a clear vision and strategy for your product, and communicate your product roadmap to stakeholders, team members, and customers to ensure everyone is working toward the same goals.

These steps can help you navigate the pitfalls and challenges often associated with creating successful digital products.


Creating and selling digital products can be a great way to make money online. If you’re willing to put in the work, it can be a very rewarding experience.


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