Tim Duncan Divorce: How the NBA Legend and His Ex-Wife Amy Sherrill Ended Their 12-Year Union

Tim Duncan is widely recognized as one of the most exceptional basketball players in history, boasting five NBA championships, two MVP awards, and 15 All-Star selections. However, his off-court journey involved a personal trial challenging both his character and privacy: his divorce from his wife of 12 years, Amy Sherrill. Below, we explore their relationship history, the reasons for their breakup, and their current status.

The Beginning of a Love Story

Tim Duncan and Amy Sherrill first crossed paths in 1993 while attending Wake Forest University in North Carolina. As a star basketball player and cheerleader, respectively, their connection was immediate, leading to a relationship that flourished. Engaged in 1999, they exchanged vows in a picturesque Hawaii ceremony in July 2001.

The couple welcomed their first child, daughter Sydney, in 2005, followed by son Draven in 2007. Relocating to San Antonio, Texas, where Tim played for the Spurs throughout his NBA career, they presented a facade of a happy and supportive marriage.

The Trouble in Paradise

Behind the scenes, however, Tim and Amy faced marital challenges. Marital issues surfaced around 2010, resulting in their separation in 2012. Despite keeping their split under wraps until filing for divorce in 2013, the couple grappled with divergent visions for their future, communication problems, and overall dissatisfaction within the marriage.

Accusations of infidelity and claims about Tim’s sexuality emerged, contrasting sharply with his private and reserved public persona. The allegations added a sensational layer to the narrative of a respected figure known for leadership on and off the court.

The Amicable Divorce

Despite the divorce, Tim and Amy demonstrated civility and respect toward each other. Finalized on November 21, 2013, with sealed documents, they agreed on shared custody and honored the terms of their prenuptial agreement. Despite the private nature of the divorce proceedings, both remained present at their children’s events and engaged with fans on social media.

The New Beginnings

Post-divorce, Tim and Amy pursued new paths with apparent contentment. Tim retired from the NBA in 2016 after 19 seasons with the Spurs and is now an assistant coach, engaging in charitable and community projects. Amy, a licensed real estate agent in Texas, co-founded and serves on the board of the Tim Duncan Foundation, supporting health, education, and youth sports programs.

Both found new romantic interests—Tim with Vanessa Macias, a former reality TV star and radio personality, and Amy with Scott Fisher, a former NBA player and current basketball coach. Expressing happiness for each other and introducing their new partners to fans and children, Tim and Amy affirmed their commitment to friendship and co-parenting.

Closing Thoughts

While Tim Duncan and Amy Sherrill’s divorce saddened fans and peers, it also showcased their maturity and courage. Opting for a respectful and peaceful end to their marriage, they prioritized their happiness, dreams, and, most importantly, their children. Although no longer a couple, they exemplify an enduring family unit built on love, dedication, and collaborative parenting.

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