The Real Housewives of Miami Star Lisa Hochstein’s Divorce Drama: What You Need to Know

Lisa Hochstein, a prominent figure on The Real Housewives of Miami, is currently embroiled in a tumultuous divorce from her husband of 12 years, Lenny Hochstein, a well-known plastic surgeon. The unexpected announcement of their split in May 2021 has sent shockwaves through their fan base and co-stars, leading to a divorce filled with accusations, revelations, and complications. Here’s a breakdown of the key events in Lisa Hochstein’s divorce drama.

Discovery of Divorce Filing

Lisa Hochstein discovered her husband’s divorce filing while filming Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Miami. Shockingly, she received a text from her lawyer informing her of Lenny Hochstein’s unilateral decision to end their 12-year marriage. Lisa expressed profound shock, feeling betrayed and disrespected, as she was unaware of any marital issues.

Lenny Hochstein’s New Relationship

Swiftly moving on, Lenny Hochstein entered a relationship with Katharina Mazepa, a 27-year-old Austrian model and influencer. Their public displays of affection on social media showcased a lavish lifestyle and romantic getaways. Lisa, however, accused Lenny of infidelity during their marriage, intensifying the acrimony.

Lisa’s Reaction to the New Girlfriend

Lisa Hochstein strongly objected to Lenny flaunting his new girlfriend, alleging an extramarital affair. She confronted him with evidence but faced denial and deceit. Lisa felt humiliated and disgusted, asserting that Lenny was intentionally causing emotional harm.

Impact on Children

The couple shares two children, 7-year-old Logan and 3-year-old Elle, born via surrogate after Lisa’s infertility struggles. The divorce has left the children confused and sad, caught in the crossfire of their parents’ conflict. Lisa strives to shield them from the drama, emphasizing their parents’ ongoing love.

Prenuptial Agreement Terms

Lisa and Lenny signed a prenuptial agreement in 2009, dictating financial terms in case of separation. Lisa was entitled to a lump sum payment ranging from $125,000 to $1.5 million, depending on the marriage’s duration. The agreement also outlined a weekly allowance and temporary support terms.

Lisa’s Challenge to the Prenuptial Agreement

Disputing the prenuptial agreement, Lisa deemed it unfair and unconscionable, asserting it did not reflect their marriage’s reality. She claimed coercion during signing, arguing that she lacked proper legal representation. Lisa sought a more equitable division of assets.

Lenny’s Defense of the Prenuptial Agreement

Lenny Hochstein staunchly defended the prenuptial agreement’s validity, emphasizing voluntariness and fairness. He asserted that Lisa had adequate legal counsel and willingly agreed to the terms. Lenny honored the agreement, expecting Lisa to do the same.


The divorce saga between Lisa and Lenny Hochstein unfolds as one of the most dramatic in The Real Housewives of Miami’s history. Their separation, marked by infidelity accusations and legal battles over the prenuptial agreement, continues to captivate audiences on Season 6 of the show. As the couple navigates the complexities of divorce, the impact on their children and the public fallout adds an extra layer of intensity to this Real Housewives storyline.

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