Tamarac Pizza Delivery Driver Arrested for Orchestrating Gunpoint Robbery

A Tamarac pizza delivery driver is facing charges of first-degree robbery after allegedly orchestrating a home invasion and robbery at gunpoint targeting an elderly customer he had befriended.

On August 6, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office responded to a distress call from a Tamarac home, where a woman claimed to have been robbed at gunpoint.

According to records, the victim dialed 911 to report that two Black men had forcefully entered her residence. They grabbed her, threw her onto a bed, and held a firearm to her head.

The victim informed investigators that the assailants demanded money before making off with her purse and its contents.

Subsequent investigation by law enforcement revealed that the perpetrators had used the victim’s credit card at Sawgrass Mills Mall.

Describing the events leading up to the robbery, the victim told law enforcement that a pizza delivery driver she knew as “Juan,” and had befriended previously, had visited her.

The victim recounted that Juan, later identified as Juan Millan, a 20-year-old from Tamarac, was leaving when two men entered her home and robbed her at gunpoint.

The victim mentioned to officers that it seemed Juan and the other two men were familiar with each other. This raised suspicions that Juan might not be an innocent bystander, but rather involved in a plan to rob her.

With a name to go on, a breakthrough came when law enforcement discovered that Millan had worked as a delivery driver at Pizza Stop & Restaurant, located at 8275 North Pine Island Road.

Further questioning of Millan by law enforcement revealed that he had confessed to his involvement in the home invasion robbery. He expressed regret and even gave the restaurant owner $1,000 to reimburse the victim for her losses.

The owner handed over this money to the authorities as evidence.

According to Google, Pizza Stop & Restaurant has permanently closed. Moreover, the restaurant’s Facebook account is now private.

With evidence pointing to his involvement, BSO detectives reached out to Millan on August 9 for an interview.

In the subsequent arrest report, it’s stated that Millan’s interview was recorded. He provided additional evidence of his crimes and admitted to planning the robbery with his two unidentified accomplices.

Millan revealed that they had planned the crime, taking advantage of the victim’s vulnerability due to her age. He explained that he left the victim’s front door unlocked, allowing his partners to enter her home.

During the confession, Millan described witnessing his partners wielding a black firearm, coercing the victim into giving up her belongings. After the robbery, Millan admitted to using the victim’s credit card at various stores in Sawgrass Mills Mall, including Calvin Klein, Abercrombie, a Vape store, GameStop, a jewelry store, Sportive, and even a McDonald’s restaurant.

Although he attempted transactions at all these places, Millan was only successful in four cases.

Records indicate that Millan was so remorseful that he had written an apology letter to the victim, which became an additional piece of evidence in the case.

Millan was arrested and taken to Broward County Main Jail.

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