Meta Quest 3 Release Date: When Can You Expect the New VR Headset?

Meta Quest 3, the latest virtual reality headset from Meta (formerly known as Facebook), is poised to deliver an exceptional VR experience. With enhanced capabilities, a refined appearance, and innovative features, it’s generating significant buzz. Here’s your comprehensive guide to the release of the Meta Quest 3:

Release Date:

Meta has officially confirmed that the Meta Quest 3 will debut in the fall of 2023, spanning the period from September to December. While the precise launch date remains undisclosed, Meta plans to unveil more information during the Meta Connect event scheduled for September 27. This event is expected to serve as the headset’s official launch and may also announce the pre-order commencement.

Revealing the Meta Quest 3:

The Meta Quest 3 made its initial appearance on June 1, 2023, through a video shared on Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram account. This teaser showcased a brief glimpse of the headset along with its controllers, pricing details, and storage options. The video also hinted at forthcoming announcements.


The Meta Quest 3 will start at $499 for the 128GB model, marking a $100 increase compared to the previous Quest 2 model. To cater to budget-conscious consumers, Meta has simultaneously reduced the price of the Quest 2 to $399, making VR more accessible.

Additionally, Meta plans to introduce another storage option with a yet-to-be-disclosed capacity, likely 256GB or more. The pricing for this variant is still under wraps but could fall in the range of $599 to $699.

Enhancements and Features:

Meta asserts that the Meta Quest 3 will rank as its most potent headset to date. While precise specifications are pending disclosure, leaks, and rumors suggest the inclusion of a Snapdragon XR2 chipset tailored for VR and AR devices. This chipset could translate to superior resolution, swifter frame rates, improved audio, and advanced tracking capabilities.

Design-wise, the Meta Quest 3 will sport a sleeker, 40% slimmer profile compared to its predecessor. The controllers will adopt a fresh appearance, devoid of the tracking rings seen in prior models. Excitingly, the headset will introduce novel features, including support for mixed reality, hand tracking, eye tracking, and facial expression recognition.

In Conclusion:

The Meta Quest 3 ranks among the most highly anticipated VR devices of 2023, poised to deliver a heightened level of immersion and performance. With its streamlined design, enhanced processor, and innovative attributes, it’s set to redefine the VR experience. The headset is scheduled for release in the fall of 2023, starting at $499 for the 128GB variant. For further details, stay tuned for Meta’s Meta Connect event on September 27. If you’re a VR enthusiast or considering venturing into virtual reality, the Meta Quest 3 warrants your attention.

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