Brad Delgado’s Surgery: Why He Had to Leave ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Season 22

Brad Delgado, a contestant featured on season 22 of Hell’s Kitchen, faced an unexpected departure from the show during episode 6 due to health complications stemming from his recent surgery. Hailing from Miami, Florida, this caterer had undergone a hernia repair operation before joining the competition.

Unfortunately, his surgical recovery took a turn for the worse as the season progressed. Here’s a rephrased account of Brad Delgado’s experience, emphasizing the surgical complications and his journey in Hell’s Kitchen:

Brad Delgado’s Surgical Challenge:

Brad Delgado’s initial surgery aimed to correct a hernia, a medical condition where an organ or tissue protrudes through a weakened section of the abdominal wall. Hernias can cause pain, discomfort, and potentially severe complications if left unattended. Brad had undergone his surgery a few weeks before stepping into the high-pressure environment of Hell’s Kitchen. He believed he was fully prepared for the challenge.

However, Brad’s surgical recovery didn’t go as planned. He began to experience intense abdominal pain and inflammation, along with the onset of an infection that left him feeling unwell and weak. His body, he noted, seemed to be “betraying” him, making it impossible to continue in the competition.

Brad Delgado’s Departure from Hell’s Kitchen:

Brad’s unexpected exit from Hell’s Kitchen occurred in the midst of episode 6, which aired on November 2, 2023. He approached Chef Gordon Ramsay, explaining that his health issues forced him to leave the show. He expressed remorse for letting down the chef and his team but also pride in how far he had come, acknowledging the valuable lessons he had gained from the experience.

The abrupt nature of Brad’s departure left many viewers puzzled, with some feeling that the episode’s editing didn’t adequately clarify his situation, prompting speculation. Questions arose about why Brad hadn’t sought medical attention earlier or disclosed his recent surgery before joining the show.

Brad Delgado’s Post-Show Journey:

After leaving Hell’s Kitchen, Brad Delgado returned to Miami, where he received the necessary medical treatment for the complications stemming from his surgery. He reported significant improvement in his health and expressed gratitude for the support and affection he received from fans and fellow contestants. Undeterred by his experience, Brad affirmed his commitment to pursuing his dream of becoming a chef, with hopes of returning to Hell’s Kitchen in the future.

In addition to his culinary aspirations, Brad continued to create and share his recipes on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. He even launched his own catering business, known as “Brad’s Bites,” offering a diverse range of dishes and cuisines. He expressed his passion for cooking and his desire to spread joy and happiness through his culinary creations.


Brad Delgado’s journey in Hell’s Kitchen Season 22 was marked by unexpected health challenges stemming from his prior surgery. His exit from the show during episode 6 was a testament to his determination to prioritize his well-being. Following his return to Miami and recovery, Brad pursued his culinary dreams, launching a catering business and continuing to share his love for food with the world. His resilience and talent make him a remarkable and admired figure in the culinary world.

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