Are Kory and Sam from Winter House Still Together?

Kory Keefer and Sam Feher, both prominent figures on “Winter House,” a spin-off of the popular shows “Summer House” and “Below Deck,” initially crossed paths during the seventh season of “Summer House” in early 2023. Their connection was marked by a flirtatious and enjoyable romance. However, their relationship status became uncertain during the third season of “Winter House” as they encountered a series of challenges and dramatic moments. The big question remains: Are Kory and Sam still an item, or have they decided to part ways? Let’s delve into the details of Kory and Sam’s relationship status.

How Their Journey Began

Kory and Sam’s story commenced on Season 7 of “Summer House,” which aired in early 2023. Kory was a guest of Lindsay Hubbard, who extended an invitation to him for a weekend stay at the Hamptons house. It didn’t take long for sparks to fly between Kory and Sam, one of the new housemates. They shared a memorable kiss on the first night and continued to spend quality time together throughout the weekend.

After leaving the house, Kory and Sam remained in contact, eventually confirming in April 2023 that they were indeed dating. Kory mentioned that they hadn’t officially labeled their relationship but expressed his genuine affection for Sam. While some people may have speculated that Kory and Sam are no longer an item, there hasn’t been any official confirmation to date.

Their Reunion

Kory and Sam’s paths crossed once again on Season 3 of “Winter House,” which premiered on October 24, 2023. The show follows a group of friends spending six weeks in a luxurious chalet in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Kory and Sam were joined by other “Summer House” cast members, including Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula, Danielle Olivera, Paige DeSorbo, and Jordan Emanuel. Additionally, they encountered new faces from “Below Deck” and “Vanderpump Rules,” such as Malia White, Katie Flood, Alex Propson, Tom Schwartz, Brian Benni, and Casey Craig.

Upon arriving at the house, Kory found himself in a somewhat uncertain situation with Sam. He mentioned that their relationship lacked an official label, referring to it as a “situationship.” Kory was unsure of the extent of his freedom and confessed to being attracted to some of his new single housemates, particularly Casey and Katie. In contrast, Sam appeared to be more invested in her relationship with Kory and expressed her desire to make things work.

The Challenges They Faced

Kory and Sam encountered their fair share of challenges during Season 3 of “Winter House” as they navigated their complex relationship dynamics. In the very first episode, they engaged in an uncomfortable conversation about their relationship status. Kory referred to himself as “single-ish,” while Sam described herself as “taken-ish.” They also had differing expectations regarding commitment and exclusivity.

In the second episode, tensions continued to mount as Kory admitted to having a prior romantic encounter with someone else before joining the house. He expressed his preference for a casual relationship with Sam and a reluctance to be tied down. Sam was deeply hurt by his words and felt like he was playing games with her, asserting that she deserved better treatment.

The Unresolved Outcome

The fate of Kory and Sam’s relationship remains uncertain, as Season 3 of “Winter House” is still unfolding. However, based on their social media activity, it appears that they are no longer together. Kory has refrained from sharing any photos or videos featuring Sam since April 2023, and Sam has removed all traces of him from her Instagram account. Moreover, they are no longer following each other on social media.

Speculations have arisen among fans, suggesting that Kory may have been involved with Casey or Katie during the show, or that he may have ended the relationship after filming. Nevertheless, neither Kory nor Sam has officially confirmed or denied these rumors.

In Conclusion

Kory and Sam’s relationship status suggests that they are no longer together, based on clues from their social media profiles. Their journey during Season 3 of “Winter House” was marked by challenges stemming from differences in commitment and the presence of tempting distractions from fellow housemates. They serve as an example of a couple whose initial chemistry was promising, yet they struggled to make their connection endure over time.

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