Who is Anfernee Simons Girlfriend: a Glimpse Into His Relationship

Anfernee Simons, a Portland Trail Blazers player, has been gaining recognition in the NBA, not only for his basketball prowess but also due to the spotlight on his girlfriend, Bre Hudson.

Anfernee Simons: Rising NBA Star

Anfernee Simons, a promising young NBA talent playing for the Portland Trail Blazers, has caught the attention of fans and fellow players with his impressive skills.

Blazers’ All-Star guard Damian Lillard, an early admirer, praised Simons after a January 2021 game where he scored 26 points and made six 3-pointers. Simons showcased his abilities on a broader stage when he participated in and won the 2021 NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

Bre Hudson: Simons’ Girlfriend

Bre Hudson, recognized as Anfernee Simons’ girlfriend, made a notable appearance during the Dunk Contest, sparking admiration on social media.

The couple officially revealed their relationship in 2020. Hudson, an Instagram influencer with a significant following, identifies herself as a brand ambassador and actress, making her film debut in the movie “Old Man Jackson” as Chey.

Anfernee Simons Girlfriend

The Couple’s Journey

In October 2020, Anfernee Simons and Bre Hudson went live on Instagram, drawing playful attention from Damian Lillard. During the stream, Lillard inquired about Simons’ love interest, leading to the revelation that the couple had been dating for four months.

Since then, their relationship has been public, with Hudson frequently sharing pictures of the couple on her social media. Despite the public eye, they maintain a somewhat private life on social media, a common choice among NBA stars due to the prevalence of trolls on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.


Anfernee Simons and Bre Hudson, a young couple navigating the worlds of fame and basketball, continue to draw attention. Both Simons’ career and their relationship are worth keeping an eye on.


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