Who Was Married to Carrie Fisher? A Look at the Star Wars Icon’s Love Life

Carrie Fisher, a renowned actress, writer, and activist, achieved fame primarily for her portrayal of Princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise. She was a prolific author, script doctor, and humorist, authoring several books including the semi-autobiographical novel “Postcards from the Edge” and the memoir “The Princess Diarist.” Her openness, wit, and bravery in confronting her struggles with bipolar disorder and substance abuse earned her admiration.

Let’s explore Carrie Fisher’s romantic relationships.

Carrie Fisher’s Marriage: Paul Simon

Carrie Fisher’s sole marriage was to the musician Paul Simon. They first crossed paths in 1977 during the filming of the inaugural Star Wars film, while Simon was working on his solo album. Their relationship had its share of ups and downs, with several breakups and reconciliations over the years. They eventually tied the knot in 1983, but their marriage was short-lived, ending in divorce just a year later due to irreconcilable differences.

Despite their divorce, Fisher and Simon remained friends and occasionally saw each other. They even penned songs about one another, including Simon’s “Hearts and Bones” and “She Moves On,” as well as Fisher’s “You’re Moving Out Today.” Fisher once referred to Simon as “the great love of my life,” but she also acknowledged that they were not perfectly suited.

Carrie Fisher’s Partner: Bryan Lourd

Carrie Fisher’s most enduring relationship was with Bryan Lourd, a talent agent and co-chairman of Creative Artists Agency. They met in 1991 and soon began cohabiting. Together, they had a daughter named Billie Lourd, born in 1992, who followed in her mother’s footsteps as an actress.

Although Fisher and Lourd never formalized their relationship through marriage, the media often referred to them as husband and wife. However, their romance came to an end in 1994 when Lourd came out as gay and left Fisher for another man. The breakup was emotionally challenging for Fisher, who likened it to a soap opera. Nevertheless, she forgave Lourd and maintained a cordial relationship with him for the sake of their daughter.

Carrie Fisher’s Affair: Harrison Ford

One of the most surprising revelations in Carrie Fisher’s memoir, “The Princess Diarist,” was her affair with Harrison Ford, her co-star in the Star Wars films. Fisher disclosed that they had a three-month fling in 1976 when she was 19 and he was 33. At that time, Ford was married to his first wife, Mary Marquardt, with whom he had two children.

Fisher described their affair as “intense” but also “emotionally exhausting.” She confessed that she had fallen in love with Ford, even though he did not reciprocate her feelings. She also carried guilt about being involved with a married man. For four decades, she kept their affair a secret until she decided to write about it in her book.

Ford did not publicly comment on Fisher’s revelation, but he reportedly warned her before the book’s publication that he would not be pleased. He later expressed sadness at her passing and acknowledged their “very good relationship.”


Carrie Fisher was an extraordinary woman who led a remarkable life and career. She had a brief marriage with Paul Simon, a long-term relationship with Bryan Lourd, and an affair with Harrison Ford. She also had other romances in her life, including comedian Dan Aykroyd, singer James Blunt, and actor Griffin Dunne. Her legacy is one of courage, creativity, and humor, and she left an indelible mark on the world before her passing in 2016 at the age of 60.

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