Who is Ubah Hassan’s Boyfriend? The RHONY Star Keeps Her Love Life Private

Ubah Hassan, the most recent addition to The Real Housewives of New York City, has been creating quite a buzz with her striking appearance, thriving hot sauce business, and her outspoken nature. However, there’s one aspect of her life that she’s been keeping concealed: her romantic life. The Somali-born model and entrepreneur has been involved with a mysterious man for a while, but she hasn’t shared any specifics about their relationship with her co-stars or the public. Why is Ubah so guarded about her significant other, and who might he be?

Ubah Hassan’s Mystery Boyfriend

Ubah Hassan, the latest addition to The Real Housewives of New York City, is making waves with her stunning looks, successful hot sauce business, and outspoken personality. However, one aspect of her life remains shrouded in mystery: her love life. She has been dating a mystery man for some time, but details about their relationship have been closely guarded.

A Peek Into Her Boyfriend

In the October 8 episode of RHONY, Ubah Hassan provided a rare glimpse into her boyfriend. The incident occurred when she discreetly showed a photo of him on her phone to her co-star, Sai De Silva. They were at a mini-golf lounge with the rest of the cast when Sai’s husband, David, inquired about Ubah’s relationship status.

Ubah described her boyfriend as the owner of a 10-bedroom house in Connecticut, emphasizing his handsome and strong attributes. She also revealed that their relationship was relatively new.

Keeping the Romance Under Wraps

Ubah Hassan explained in a confessional her reasons for keeping her boyfriend’s identity a secret. She expressed her desire to shield their romance from outside influences and believed that Sai De Silva, her close friend from the show, would maintain her secret. Unfortunately, it seems Sai may have broken that trust, leading to a confrontation with Brynn Whitfield in a subsequent episode.

Andy Cohen’s Seal of Approval

While Ubah has been tight-lipped about her boyfriend, there is one person who has met him: Andy Cohen. The host of Watch What Happens Live and executive producer of the Real Housewives franchise interviewed Ubah on his show. Although she confirmed her relationship, she refrained from providing specifics. Andy Cohen, however, revealed that he found her boyfriend to be handsome and strong.

Why Keep It a Secret?

Andy Cohen probed further, questioning Ubah about her decision to keep her relationship concealed from her co-stars, particularly after Jessel Taank’s marriage was scrutinized by some of the ladies. Ubah shared that she was weary of introducing every man she met to the group, only to later explain why those relationships didn’t work out. She emphasized her desire to maintain her love life privately until she was sure it was both serious and stable, regardless of others’ opinions.

Previous Links and Marriage

Before her current relationship, Ubah Hassan was rumored to be linked to Jason Flom, a music executive and founder of Lava Records. Despite appearing at events together, they both denied any romantic involvement.

Ubah Hassan was previously married at the age of 18 to a man from Somalia living in Canada, but their marriage was short-lived, leading to a divorce after two years. She then moved to New York to pursue her modeling career and has had other relationships, though none of them have been publicly disclosed.

In conclusion

Ubah Hassan’s secrecy about her boyfriend has added an intriguing dimension to her presence on RHONY Season 14. While she hasn’t revealed his name or detailed their relationship, she has hinted at his attractive and strong qualities, along with their happiness together. Nevertheless, the security of her secret may be at risk, as Sai De Silva reportedly shared the information with Brynn Whitfield, setting the stage for more drama on the show.

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