Who Is Sydney Leroux Dating? A Look at Her Rumored Romance With Model Thet Thinn

Sydney Leroux, a renowned professional soccer player for the Orlando Pride and the U.S. women’s national team, boasts an impressive athletic career with Olympic gold and World Cup championship victories. However, curiosity surrounds her personal life, particularly her romantic involvement. This blog aims to delve into the speculations and realities surrounding Sydney Leroux’s relationship with model Thet Thinn, shedding light on how they encountered each other and cultivated their love.

Unconfirmed Whispers

Sydney Leroux has maintained silence regarding her alleged romance with Thet Thinn, yet sightings of the two together have fueled persistent rumors. A source close to the soccer star claims Leroux is enamored with Thinn and exclusively committed to him. Reports suggest Leroux has introduced Thinn to her inner circle, emphasizing their shared interests.

Indications and Insights

Although concrete evidence of Leroux’s relationship with Thet Thinn remains elusive, subtle hints suggest a connection beyond mere friendship. Notably, Thinn featured in the music video for Thirty Seconds to Mars’ “Stuck,” directed by Jared Leto, a friend of Leroux. In the video, Thinn portrays a soldier entangled in a wartime romance with Leroux’s character, earning praise from Leroux for his performance and background, hailing from Myanmar.

Another clue emerged when Leroux and Thinn were photographed together in Los Angeles in April 2023, sharing coffee and departing in the same vehicle. Subsequent sightings in Berlin, Germany, in June 2023, showed them heading to and from the same hotel, although their interactions remained discreet with no public displays of affection.

The Unveiling

Sydney Leroux’s romantic status has long captivated fans and the media, marked by past associations with notable figures like ex-husband Dom Dwyer and friend Jared Leto. Despite these links, Leroux has consistently kept her relationships private, emphasizing her focus on career and her children, Cassius and Roux, shared with Dwyer.

However, the emergence of Thet Thinn introduces a potential romantic interest in Leroux’s life. While their relationship remains unconfirmed, their joint appearances and collaboration on a music video suggest a blossoming connection. Whether deliberately private or genuinely content, Leroux and Thinn’s alleged romance adds a layer of intrigue to the athlete’s otherwise guarded personal life.

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