Who is Maddie Poppe Dating? A Look at Her Love Life

Maddie Poppe, the victor of the 16th season of American Idol in 2018, is renowned for her folk-pop style and original tracks like “Going Going Gone,” “Made You Miss,” and “Nothing Good Comes Out of California.” Notably, she has been romantically linked to her fellow Idol contestant Caleb Lee Hutchinson.

Maddie Poppe and Caleb Lee Hutchinson kindled their romance during their American Idol journey, publicly revealing their relationship during the finale where Maddie emerged as the winner. Their relationship endured for over four years, marked by collaborative musical efforts and shared videos. However, in 2021, they announced their separation, with Maddie introducing her new boyfriend, Nashville-based musician Gabe Burdulis.

In this exploration, we delve into Maddie Poppe’s dating life, her past relationship with Caleb Lee Hutchinson, and the story of how she crossed paths with Gabe Burdulis.

Her Relationship with Caleb Lee Hutchinson:

Maddie Poppe and Caleb Lee Hutchinson shared a heartfelt relationship lasting from January 2018 to July 2021. Both contestants on American Idol’s 16th season, their connection blossomed through a shared passion for music, comedy, and country living. The duo supported each other throughout the competition, reaching the top two spots, with Maddie clinching the title and Caleb securing second place.

Initially keeping their relationship private, Maddie and Caleb surprised fans by announcing their romance during the American Idol finale. They became an adored couple, captivating a devoted fan base. Collaborating on music, they released the duet “You’ve Got a Friend” in 2019, toured together, and celebrated various milestones.

Despite the joys, Maddie Poppe and Caleb Lee Hutchinson faced challenges, including the scrutiny of public attention and the difficulties of a long-distance relationship. Maddie, residing in Los Angeles, and Caleb, based in Nashville, endeavored to maintain a healthy and balanced connection. Despite their separation, Maddie continued to express gratitude for Caleb’s positive impact on her life and career.

Meeting Gabe Burdulis:

In early 2021, Maddie Poppe encountered her current boyfriend, Gabe Burdulis, in Nashville, where he pursued a career as a singer-songwriter and guitarist. Gabe, described as a Nashville-based musician with albums like “Late Night Drive” and “Young and Free,” has collaborated with artists such as Brittney Spencer, The War and Treaty, and The Lone Bellow.

Maddie and Gabe quickly formed a connection, commencing their relationship shortly thereafter. Despite initially keeping their romance private, Maddie posted a photo of them on Instagram in July 2021, sparking engagement rumors. Maddie clarified that the ring she wore was a gift, dispelling engagement speculations.

Since confirming their relationship, Maddie Poppe and Gabe Burdulis have shared glimpses of their life together, including travels, performances, and moments of joy. Their social media exchanges reflect a supportive and affectionate bond.


Maddie Poppe is currently in a relationship with Gabe Burdulis, a Nashville-based musician. They met in early 2021, confirmed their relationship in July 2021, and have since shared their joy with fans through various platforms. Their journey as a couple is marked by mutual admiration and shared happiness, showcasing a seemingly perfect match.

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