Who Is Kayla Nicole Dating Now? The Sports Journalist’s Love Life After Travis Kelce

Since her split with NFL star Travis Kelce in 2022, Kayla Nicole, the sports journalist and model, has been in the spotlight for her romantic endeavors.

Their relationship, marked by ups and downs from 2017 to 2022, ended amidst rumors of infidelity and disagreements. Now, let’s delve into the latest rumors and confirmed relationships in Kayla Nicole’s life as she moves forward from her past heartbreak.

The Breakup

Kayla Nicole and Travis Kelce’s relationship faced challenges, including allegations of cheating and financial strain. Despite a brief breakup in 2020, they reunited, only to part ways for good in 2022.

Accusations of infidelity from both sides led to their separation, announced jointly on October 12, 2022¹, citing a mutual decision to pursue separate paths.

The Rumors

Following her split with Kelce, Kayla Nicole was linked to various celebrities and athletes, fueling speculation about her dating life:

Charlie Puth: Rumored to have sparked jealousy in Kelce, Nicole denied any romantic involvement, asserting they were friends despite collaborating on a song.

Henry Cavill: Seen together at a charity event in 2023, they were photographed laughing and holding hands, with Nicole confirming they were casually dating.

Jon Ossoff: Despite appearing affectionate at a political rally in 2024, Nicole dismissed rumors of romance, insisting they were only friends.

Sam Lipsyte: Introduced in 2024, the pair was spotted enjoying dinner, prompting Nicole to confirm their exclusive relationship.

Kayla Nicole’s Focus on Career and Personal Happiness

Amidst rumors, Kayla Nicole remains dedicated to her career and personal growth, finding joy in her endeavors:

  • Continuing her work as a sports journalist and model, Nicole has collaborated with brands like Revolve, Crocs, and Savage X Fenty.
  • She launched her fitness brand, Strong Is Sexy, and hosts the podcast “Kayla’s World,” discussing topics ranging from fashion to relationships.
  • Embracing time with loved ones and travel, Nicole has found love again with Sam Lipsyte, whom she plans to marry.


Kayla Nicole’s post-Kelce love life illustrates resilience and self-discovery amidst public scrutiny. Her experiences teach us that relationships evolve, and endings can lead to new beginnings. Despite challenges, Nicole navigates her path with grace, reminding us that happiness and success are achievable after heartbreak.

Her story inspires us to embrace change, pursue our passions, and cherish the connections that shape our lives. As she moves forward, Kayla Nicole remains an indomitable presence in the sports world, leaving an enduring mark on history.

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