Who Is Ice Spice Dating? The Truth About Her Love Life

Ice Spice, renowned for her captivating music and vibrant persona, stands as one of the most prominent rappers in today’s music scene. Despite her rising fame, she’s been at the center of numerous dating speculations involving some of entertainment’s biggest names. But amidst the rumors, who truly holds Ice Spice’s heart? Let’s uncover the truth about her love life.

The Drake Rumor

Initially, Ice Spice found herself linked romantically with Drake, the rap sensation and certified lover boy. Speculation ignited when Ice Spice posted a TikTok video of herself dancing to Drake’s track “Laugh Now Cry Later,” accompanied by a tag and affectionate comment on Drake’s Instagram post. Drake’s response with a heart emoji fueled fervent fan excitement.

However, Ice Spice swiftly dispelled the notion, asserting that it was all in good humor and that she and Drake were not an item. Clarifying her admiration for his music, she emphasized her preference for keeping her personal life private, especially concerning high-profile relationships.

## The Caleb McLaughlin Rumor

Another actor associated with Ice Spice in dating rumors was Caleb McLaughlin, famed for his role as Lucas Sinclair in Netflix’s hit series “Stranger Things.” Reports surfaced of a burgeoning romance, alleging mutual interest and shared connections through friends.

Despite the whispers, neither Ice Spice nor Caleb McLaughlin confirmed the speculation. With no tangible evidence supporting the claims, the rumor gradually faded, allowing both individuals to focus on their respective endeavors.

The Pete Davidson Rumor

In a more recent development, Ice Spice found herself entangled in rumors with comedian and “Saturday Night Live” star, Pete Davidson. Their collaboration on SNL, coupled with onstage chemistry and cozy backstage moments, sparked fervent speculation. Social media posts further fueled the fire, with Ice Spice and Pete Davidson sharing affectionate captions and snapshots together.

However, sources revealed the rumors to be unfounded, dismissing them as a playful internet fabrication. Ice Spice and Pete Davidson maintained their stance as friends, emphasizing their single status and downplaying any romantic involvement.

The Confirmation

While Ice Spice has confirmed being in a relationship, she’s opted to keep her partner’s identity private. Emphasizing her desire for fans to focus on her music rather than her personal life, she expressed contentment with her unnamed partner, who prefers to remain out of the limelight. Ice Spice asserted her intention to maintain privacy regarding her relationship, opting to share only what she deems necessary.


In conclusion, the question of who Ice Spice is dating remains unanswered. While she’s denied romantic involvement with Drake, Caleb McLaughlin, and Pete Davidson, she’s confirmed being in a relationship with someone not in the public eye.

Emphasizing her preference for privacy, Ice Spice prioritizes her music career over publicizing her personal relationships, allowing her to navigate her love life on her terms.

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