Who is Brad Pitt Dating? The Truth Behind the Hollywood Star’s Love Life

Brad Pitt, the 60-year-old Oscar-winning actor and producer, has long been one of Hollywood’s most sought-after bachelors. His romantic affiliations range from renowned ex-wives Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie to rumored connections with figures like Emily Ratajkowski and Nicole Poturalski.

However, since late 2022, Pitt has been romantically involved with Ines de Ramon, a 33-year-old jewelry designer and former model. While the couple maintains a discreet and private relationship, they have occasionally stepped into the public eye together.

So, who is Ines de Ramon, and how did she and Brad Pitt cross paths? Here’s a breakdown of the facts and rumors surrounding their relationship.

A Multi-Talented Woman: Jewelry Designer and Former Model

Ines de Ramon, aged 33, boasts a diverse skill set as a jewelry designer and former model. Born in France and raised in Switzerland, she pursued business administration at the University of Geneva before venturing into the fashion realm in New York.

De Ramon’s modeling career includes collaborations with notable brands and appearances in prestigious publications like Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar. In 2019, she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey by launching her own jewelry line, Ines de Ramon Jewelry, with pieces inspired by her global travels and multicultural background. She defines her style as “minimalist, chic, and timeless.”

The Connection: Meeting Brad Pitt Through Mutual Acquaintances

In late 2022, Ines de Ramon and Brad Pitt crossed paths through a mutual friend, initiating a connection that quickly blossomed into a romantic involvement, as per a source close to de Ramon. The insider, sharing insights with PEOPLE, revealed that the duo hit it off immediately and commenced dating shortly after their initial meeting.

The first public sighting of the pair occurred on November 13, 2022, backstage at a Bono concert in Los Angeles, where they were joined by Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber. The source emphasized Pitt’s genuine interest in de Ramon, citing their shared interests and the enjoyable time they spend together.

Public Confirmation: Sealed with a Kiss in July 2021

In July 2021, Ines de Ramon publicly affirmed their relationship with a kiss, captured in photographs during an intimate moment in a car in Los Angeles. The images went viral, confirming suspicions that their connection surpassed mere friendship.

Their public appearances continued, including the holding of hands and shared smiles at the premiere of Pitt’s movie Babylon in December 2021. The couple also delighted fans with endearing moments shared on their social media accounts, such as Pitt extending birthday wishes to de Ramon and de Ramon celebrating Pitt’s triumph at the People’s Choice Awards.

Present Day: Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon’s Ongoing Love Story in 2024

As of 2024, Ines de Ramon remains in a committed relationship with Brad Pitt, radiating happiness and love. The couple has been observed at various events, including a joint presentation at the Golden Globes and a striking appearance at the Met Gala, where they complemented each other in matching outfits.

Their mutual support extends to their professional endeavors, with Pitt’s Uncharted movie and de Ramon’s involvement in the Dune sequel garnering joint attention. Furthermore, they cherish quality time together, from revisiting their initial Spider-Man movie experience to fondly reminiscing about shared youthful memories.


Brad Pitt, an iconic figure in Hollywood, has been romantically involved with Ines de Ramon, a talented jewelry designer and former model, since late 2022. While the couple maintains a low-key relationship, they have made occasional public appearances together.

Their journey began with a connection facilitated by a mutual friend, and their relationship was publicly confirmed with a kiss in July 2021. As of 2024, Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon continue to captivate with their glamorous and affectionate presence, solidifying their status as one of Hollywood’s alluring power couples.

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