Who Is Bad Bunny Dating? A Look at His Love Life

Bad Bunny, the beloved Puerto Rican artist adored by millions worldwide, captivates audiences with his music and style. But beyond the spotlight, what unfolds in his personal realm?

Join us as we delve into the romantic journey of the reggaeton sensation, from his enduring relationship with Gabriela Berlingeri to the fleeting romance with Kendall Jenner.

Bad Bunny’s Love Affair with Gabriela Berlingeri: A Four-Year Saga

In 2017, fate intervened as Bad Bunny crossed paths with Gabriela Berlingeri during a family dinner in Puerto Rico. Their connection blossomed into a romance, with Berlingeri, also hailing from Puerto Rico, lending her talents as a singer and model to collaborative endeavors like “En Casita” and “El Apagón.”

For nearly three years, the couple maintained a discreet romance until their public debut at a Miami basketball game in February 2020. Bad Bunny’s admission of being “in love” in a subsequent interview with Entertainment Tonight solidified their status.

Their red carpet debut at the 2021 Billboard Latin Music Awards marked a pinnacle moment, yet their journey together concluded in December 2021, shrouded in mystery regarding the reason behind their separation.

Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner: A Transient Connection?

Following his split from Berlingeri, Bad Bunny’s amorous escapades garnered attention once again, this time linked with supermodel Kendall Jenner. Spotted exiting a Los Angeles eatery after a rendezvous with the Biebers, rumors swirled around their budding companionship, though confirmation remained elusive.

Fueling speculation further, Bad Bunny’s lyrical jab seemingly aimed at Jenner’s former beau, Devin Booker, hinted at underlying tensions. Booker’s response via a now-deleted Instagram comment hinted at brewing drama, but their dalliance failed to evolve beyond conjecture. By April 2023, Jenner’s association with another NBA player, Ben Simmons, hinted at a transient liaison with Bad Bunny.


In the realm of love, Bad Bunny traverses peaks and valleys, balancing fame with matters of the heart. While his journey with Berlingeri symbolized commitment and endurance, his fleeting connection with Jenner offered a glimpse into transient dalliances amid Hollywood’s glitz. As the artist navigates his musical odyssey, his romantic ventures remain veiled, leaving fans to ponder the ideal match for the enigmatic Bad Bunny.

In the quest for love, Bad Bunny’s journey continues, resonating with the ebb and flow of life’s ever-changing tides. As speculation swirls and conjecture abounds, the Puerto Rican icon remains an enigmatic figure, captivating audiences with his artistry and charm. Who holds the key to Bad Bunny’s heart? Only time will unveil the answer.

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