Where is Taylor Swifts Plane Now? Her Global Trip to Watch Boyfriend in Super Bowl

Taylor Swift, renowned as one of the world’s most successful singers, also stands out as an exceptionally supportive girlfriend. In a relationship with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce for five months, the 14-time Grammy winner has been a consistent presence in the stands, offering her unwavering support throughout the NFL season.

However, her commitment faced its ultimate test when she needed to travel from Tokyo, where she concluded her “Eras Tour” concert, to Las Vegas, where Kelce was set to compete in the Super Bowl against the Rams.

The Football Era

Swift’s fans and aviation enthusiasts closely monitored her private jet, affectionately named “The Football Era,” via social media and online flight trackers. This Dassault Falcon 900 jet, renowned for its speed and luxury, boasts a range exceeding 8,000 kilometers and a top speed surpassing 900 kilometers per hour.

Adorned with Swift’s signature symbols, including the number 13, the snake, and the leopard, the plane departed from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport at 11:36 p.m. local time on Saturday, Feb. 10, 2024, following Swift’s performance at the Tokyo Dome for over 50,000 fans. Reports indicated a backup jet, dubbed “The Backup Quarterback,” was on standby in case of any complications.

The Time-Zone-Spanning Journey

Embarking on a time-zone-spanning odyssey, Swift’s aircraft traversed the Pacific Ocean, crossing the international date line and gaining a day in the process. As it soared over Hawaii, keen-eyed fans caught sight of the plane before it continued its journey toward California.

Touching down at Los Angeles International Airport at 3:30 p.m. local time after an 11-hour flight, Swift faced the challenge of reaching Las Vegas, where the Super Bowl was slated to commence at 3:30 p.m. PT on Sunday, Feb. 11, 2024.

Swift’s options for the remaining leg of her journey include another private jet, a helicopter, a car, or even a train, each presenting its own set of obstacles such as traffic, security, weather, and availability. While speculation abounds among Swift’s fans and the media regarding her chosen mode of transportation, no official confirmation has emerged as of yet.

The Super Bowl Surprise

Beyond showcasing her devotion to Kelce, Swift’s voyage from Tokyo to Las Vegas holds the potential for a surprise for her fans. Speculation swirls regarding Swift’s possible appearance at the Super Bowl halftime show alongside headliners Coldplay and Beyoncé. Though Swift neither confirmed nor denied these rumors, previous hints at a collaboration with Coldplay further fueled anticipation.

Should Swift grace the Super Bowl with her presence, she’ll witness not only a premier sporting spectacle but also one of the most highly anticipated musical performances. Additionally, she’ll extend her support to Kelce in his quest for a second Super Bowl ring with the Chiefs. Kelce has expressed profound gratitude for Swift’s presence and encouragement, hailing her as his “lucky charm” and “inspiration.”


Taylor Swift’s airborne voyage from Tokyo to Las Vegas stands as a testament to her logistical prowess, endurance, and romantic commitment.

Demonstrating unwavering dedication to her career, fans, and relationship amid daunting challenges and risks, Swift showcases her adeptness as a master planner capable of executing intricate and clandestine operations. Whether she graces the Super Bowl stage or not, she’s already won the adoration of millions worldwide.

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