Where is Erik Maund Now? The Shocking Story of a Murder-for-Hire Plot

Erik Maund, a prosperous businessman hailing from Austin, Texas, appeared to have it all—a thriving car dealership and a seemingly content family life. However, beneath this facade lurked a sinister secret: an affair with Holly Williams, an escort based in Nashville, Tennessee.

When Williams’ ex-partner, William Lanway, threatened to expose Maund’s infidelity, Maund resorted to orchestrating a murder-for-hire plot. This chilling tale delves into how Maund’s desires and fears culminated in a heinous crime, ultimately leading to his incarceration.

How Maund Met Williams and Lanway?

Encountering Williams on Seeking Arrangement, a platform connecting affluent individuals with young companions, Maund assumed the alias “Erik Moore,” portraying himself as a divorced engineer.

Their initial rendezvous transpired in early 2020 during Maund’s visit to Nashville to see his son at college. Subsequent encounters followed, with Maund compensating Williams $1,000 per meeting.

Williams endured a tumultuous relationship with Lanway, her former paramour and pimp, marked by abuse and coercion. Upon discovering Williams’ liaison with Maund, Lanway resorted to blackmail, coercing Maund into surrendering $25,000 under threat of exposing his infidelity to family and media outlets.

How Maund Hired the Killers?

Seeking assistance in neutralizing the threat, Maund enlisted the services of Gilad Peled, an Israeli security consultant affiliated with Maund’s dealership.

Peled, in turn, enlisted Bryon Brockway, a former Marine, who, with the aid of another ex-Marine named Adam Carey, was tasked with eliminating Williams and Lanway. Offering $60,000 per target, Brockway proposed to Maund, who assented, transferring $150,000 to Peled on March 12, 2020.

On the same day, Brockway and Carey abducted Williams and Lanway from their residence, transporting them to a secluded locale where they were fatally shot. Their bodies were discovered in a vehicle the following day, triggering a comprehensive police investigation that unveiled the intricate murder-for-hire scheme.

How Maund Was Caught and Convicted?

Maund’s downfall commenced in December 2021, following a routine traffic stop in Austin, culminating in his arrest. Subsequently indicted for conspiracy to commit murder-for-hire and kidnapping resulting in death, Maund faced trial in November 2023.

Prosecutors presented compelling evidence, including proof of Maund’s affair, financial transactions with Peled, and incriminating communications with the assailants. Despite the defense’s assertions of Maund’s victimization and lack of intent to kill, jurors swiftly rendered a guilty verdict on all counts.

Awaiting sentencing, Maund currently resides at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York. Meanwhile, his co-defendants Brockway and Carey await their respective trials, while Peled remains at large, believed to be in Israel, with the FBI offering a substantial reward for his capture.


Erik Maund’s saga serves as a sobering reminder of the catastrophic consequences stemming from ill-conceived actions. Despite his outward success, Maund’s fleeting indulgence with an escort spiraled into a web of deceit and violence, ultimately leading to a life behind bars.

His tale underscores the irrevocable toll of infidelity and the folly of resorting to violence to resolve personal dilemmas. It stands as a stark cautionary narrative against succumbing to temptation and seeking recourse through criminal means—actions that inevitably culminate in tragedy and irreversible consequences.

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