Where Does Usher Raymond Live Now? A Look at His Property Portfolio

Usher Raymond, renowned as Usher, stands as one of the most successful and influential figures in the realms of singing, songwriting, and dancing. With over 80 million records sold worldwide and a collection of eight Grammy Awards, he has also made his mark in movies and TV shows.

Alongside his accomplishments in the entertainment world, he shines as a savvy businessman, a philanthropist, and a devoted father to four. But where does he reside currently, and what homes does he own? Below, we delve into his property portfolio and his present whereabouts.

His Hollywood Hills Home

Presently, Usher inhabits a breathtaking residence nestled in the Hollywood Hills, a property he acquired in May 2022 for $3.4 million. This three-story abode, erected in the 1920s, boasts five bedrooms, four full bathrooms, two half bathrooms, and a spacious living area encompassing 4,261 square feet.

Blending modern aesthetics with vintage charm, the house showcases elements like black-painted walls, iron staircases, velvet curtains, and stainless-steel fireplaces. Its kitchen boasts a breakfast area featuring a built-in dining banquette, while the living room offers expansive city views through a wall of windows.

Ascending to the third floor, the master suite boasts a private terrace, a marble-floored bathroom, and a generously-sized walk-in closet. The lower level houses a state-of-the-art screening room, a family room, and two guest bedrooms. Additionally, the property flaunts a deck constructed above a swimming pool and a two-car garage.

His Las Vegas Residence

Since mid-2022, Usher has resided in Las Vegas, prompted by his “My Way” residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace². He relocated his family to the city, expressing a desire for more familial space and an affinity for the vibrant locale.

While specifics regarding his Las Vegas abode remain undisclosed, Usher described it as a “really cool mansion in the sky” in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter². He hinted at a minimum one-year stay, with potential residency extension contingent upon demand.

Usher concluded his Las Vegas stint in early December 2023, receiving accolades from critics and fans alike. He further graced the Super Bowl LVII halftime show in February 2024, alongside Coldplay and Beyoncé. As for his next endeavors, details remain forthcoming.

His Former Homes in Atlanta and Los Angeles

Preceding his Las Vegas move, Usher held ownership of multiple properties in Atlanta, Georgia, and Los Angeles, California. Notably, he lucratively divested three properties in 2019, yielding profits exceeding $1 million.

Among his former Atlanta properties was a three-bedroom, three-bathroom house sold for $775,000 in April 2019. He procured the house in June 2007 for $970,000, boasting 2,908 square feet and proximity to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Another Atlanta property was a seven-bedroom, seven-bathroom mansion sold for $1.5 million in March 2019, boasting 10,823 square feet of living space and an array of luxury amenities.

Usher also sold his Los Angeles villa in September 2019 for $3.3 million, featuring four bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, and 4,261 square feet.


Usher Raymond epitomizes multifaceted stardom, achieving renown and wealth in entertainment. His astute real estate ventures have seen him own and divest luxury homes across diverse locales. Currently situated in a “mansion in the sky” in Las Vegas, Usher basks in the aftermath of his successful residency.

Meanwhile, his Hollywood Hills abode offers a serene retreat amidst the city’s bustling ambiance. As one of the world’s most cherished stars, Usher enjoys a life of luxury and comfort, well-deserved through his unparalleled contributions to the entertainment industry.

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