What Does NFS Mean On TikTok? Where Did NFS Come From?

TikTok, the widely popular social media platform, is renowned for its users’ penchant for creating and sharing short videos enriched with various effects, filters, and catchy soundtracks. It’s equally renowned for its unique set of slang terms and acronyms that facilitate communication among its users.

Among these, the acronym NFS stands out, as it can carry different meanings depending on the context. This article aims to elucidate the multifaceted meanings of NFS on TikTok, its usage patterns, and its historical roots.

NFS Meaning: No Funny Shit

The most prevalent interpretation of NFS on TikTok is “No Funny Shit.” This expression conveys a user’s seriousness and their desire not to be the subject of jokes or mockery. Users frequently employ NFS to underscore a point, vent their frustration, or warn others against taking them lightly.

For instance, a user might exclaim, “NFS, I need a vacation or else I’ll explode,” to emphasize their stress levels. Another user might use it in a sentence like, “Hey, NFS, I can’t text right now,” indicating their current unavailability or predicament. In a different scenario, someone might assert, “NFS, don’t touch my food,” as a clear declaration that they’re not sharing their meal.

NFS can also function as a response to doubters or skeptics challenging a user’s statements. For instance, if someone questions, “Did you seriously get fired for snacking on the clock?” the user might retort with, “No Funny Shit, man, they literally sent me an email as soon as my shift was over,” thereby confirming the veracity of their claim.

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NFS Meaning: Not For Sale

Another meaning attributed to NFS on TikTok is “Not For Sale.” In this context, users employ NFS to convey that the content they’re sharing is not available for purchase or trade. Typically, this usage is prevalent among individuals showcasing their prized possessions or collections, intending to share them without entertaining offers from potential buyers.

For example, a user might post a video flaunting their rare sneakers and append “NFS” to the caption to make it clear that they have no intention of selling them. Similarly, an artist might upload a video of their work and include “NFS” in the description, signaling that they are not currently taking commissions or orders.

NFS can also function as a comment on someone else’s post, expressing admiration or appreciation for what’s being showcased. If someone posts a video of their new car and receives a comment saying “NFS,” it signifies that the commenter thinks the car is impressive and wishes they had one too.

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NFS Meaning: New Friends

A third interpretation of NFS on TikTok is “New Friends.” In this context, NFS indicates that a user is either seeking new friends or has recently made new connections on the platform. Users often use NFS when they want to expand their social circles or find individuals who share their interests.

For example, a user might create a video of themselves participating in a dance challenge and include “NFS” in the caption, inviting other users to join them. Alternatively, a user might share a video of themselves spending time with someone they met on TikTok and include “NFS” in the description, introducing their newfound friend.

NFS can also serve as a hashtag on TikTok, allowing users to discover or follow others who are also seeking or making new friends. By searching for #nfs on TikTok, users can find videos from individuals incorporating NFS into their posts.

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Where Did NFS Come From?

While the exact origin of NFS remains somewhat obscure, it is likely rooted in the slang term “no funny business,” which carries a similar connotation to “no funny shit.” “No funny business” has been in use since the 19th century as a warning to deter individuals from engaging in deceit, dishonesty, or disruptive behavior.

It’s possible that NFS drew influence from the acronym NSFW, standing for “Not Safe For Work.” NSFW is a well-established warning used on the internet to signify that content may be inappropriate or offensive for public or professional settings due to its inclusion of violence, nudity, profanity, or other sensitive subject matter.

The widespread adoption of NFS on TikTok can be attributed to its propagation through viral videos and memes featuring the acronym. These videos ranged from humorous and ironic to earnest and genuine, further solidifying NFS’s place in the TikTok lexicon. NFS also made its way to other social media platforms, including Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.


In conclusion, NFS is a versatile acronym that adapts its meaning according to the context. On TikTok, NFS can signify “No Funny Shit,” “Not For Sale,” or “New Friends.” Users employ NFS to express seriousness, sincerity, frustration, warnings, admiration, invitations, or introductions. The term likely originated from the older slang expression “no funny business” and gained popularity through viral TikTok content and memes, eventually spreading to other social media platforms.

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