Toby Keith Cancer Update: Country Icon Still Writing Songs, Performing, and Fighting Strong

Legendary country musician Toby Keith isn’t allowing his battle against stomach cancer to impede his pace.

Keith disclosed his cancer diagnosis in June 2022, revealing that he had undergone six months of radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. Via Instagram, he conveyed, “I eagerly anticipate spending quality time with my family, but I’ll be reuniting with my fans sooner than expected.” “I can hardly wait.

True to his word, Keith has remained active.

In November 2023, he was honored with the 2022 BMI Icon Award at the BMI Country Awards, an event celebrating the songwriters and music publishers responsible for the 50 most-performed country songs of the year.

In June, he hosted a live auction during the 19th annual Toby Keith & Friends Golf Classic weekend. This two-day local charity event raises funds for the Toby Keith Foundation’s OK Kids Korral, a free lodging facility for children and their families undergoing cancer treatment in Oklahoma City.

Speaking exclusively to The Oklahoman in June, Keith remarked, “I’m feeling quite well… I’m approximately eight weeks away from my last scan. So, I anticipate the next scan to show even less of the tumor – there’s only one that has appeared.”

In September, it was announced that Keith would never cease crafting songs. His latest album, ‘Songwriter,’ features 13 originally penned hits from his career, set to release on November 3.

Keith is now scheduled to perform at the inaugural “People’s Choice Country Awards,” where he will also receive the “Country Icon” award.

What is Stomach Cancer?

According to the American Cancer Society, stomach cancer begins when cells in the stomach undergo uncontrolled growth. Stomach cancer distinguishes itself from other cancers occurring in adjacent regions, such as colon, liver, or pancreas cancer. These cancers manifest varying symptoms, prognoses, and treatments.

Stomach cancers typically progress gradually. Pre-cancerous alterations can manifest in the stomach’s inner lining before genuine cancer develops. Given their tendency to remain asymptomatic, these changes often elude detection.

What Causes Stomach Cancer?

Numerous risk factors heighten the likelihood of developing cancer, including age, gender, dietary habits, alcohol and tobacco use, among others. While some factors can be managed, others cannot. The American Cancer Society notes that the precise mechanisms through which different factors contribute to the development of stomach cancer remain largely unclear.

Ongoing research is shedding light on this subject.

Is There a Cure for Stomach Cancer?

Primary treatments for stomach cancer encompass surgery, chemotherapy, targeted drug therapy, immunotherapy, and radiation therapy.

The American Cancer Society suggests that the most effective approach often involves combining two or more types of treatment. The choice of treatment depends on factors such as the cancer’s location and stage.

What Toby Keith has to Say About His Cancer Treatment?

In June, Keith informed The Oklahoman that he continues with chemotherapy, and his blood tests have shown promising results.

“Essentially, everything is moving in a positive direction. With cancer, you can never be too sure, so one must prepare. However, my goal is to feel better, improve my endurance, and contemplate reassembling the band for a two- or three-day performance to gauge if I can endure a two-hour show,” Keith remarked.

“If Successful, I Plan to Hit the Road This Autumn.”

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