Tiffany Jenkins’ Divorce: Is the Juggling the Jenkins Star Splitting from Her Husband Drew?

Tiffany Jenkins, a renowned comedian, author, speaker, and former addict, is the creative mind behind the popular blog and video series, Juggling the Jenkins. She has been married to Drew Jenkins, a deputy sheriff, since 2014, and together, they share three children – two sons and a daughter.

Recently, rumors and speculations about the couple getting divorced have circulated, fueled by Tiffany’s absence of posts featuring Drew on her social media accounts. In this blog post, we aim to uncover the truth behind these rumors and explore how Tiffany and Drew are navigating through them.

What Sparked the Rumors of Tiffany Jenkins’ Divorce?

Tiffany Jenkins has been candid about her past struggles with drug addiction, criminal activities, and eventual recovery. Meeting Drew Jenkins in 2009 during the creation of Tiffany’s fourth studio album, “The Fall,” their collaboration extended beyond music, leading to a private relationship. The couple married in 2014, keeping their union low-key. Despite facing challenges in the past, they appeared to have a strong and supportive marriage.

However, in 2021, observant fans noted Tiffany’s prolonged silence about Drew on social media, coupled with the absence of her wedding ring in some posts. Speculations arose, suggesting trouble in their marriage and a potential divorce. These rumors gained momentum, with some claiming inside information about the couple living separately.

How Did Tiffany Jenkins Respond to the Rumors of Her Divorce?

Tiffany Jenkins did not directly address the divorce rumors but posted cryptic messages on social media, hinting at challenges in her marriage. On their 8th wedding anniversary, she shared photos of her and Drew with a caption that could be interpreted as both affectionate and potentially sarcastic. Another post, featuring Tiffany in a dress, raised questions about her emotional state, with fans expressing concern about the state of her marriage. Tiffany remained silent on the topic, neither confirming nor denying the divorce rumors.

In a video posted on April 1, 2021, Tiffany discussed her mental health struggles, expressing feelings of depression and anxiety. While some fans praised her honesty, others speculated that her emotional state was linked to a possible divorce. Despite questions from fans, Tiffany refrained from addressing her marital status directly.

What is the Current Status of Tiffany Jenkins’ Marriage?

As of the latest information available, there is no evidence supporting the rumors of Tiffany and Drew Jenkins’ divorce. Tiffany Jenkins has emphasized the importance of respecting her privacy and boundaries and has not confirmed the separation. She has asserted her contentment with her marriage, prioritizing her family and personal well-being.

Drew Jenkins has similarly refrained from commenting on the divorce rumors, emphasizing his respect for Tiffany’s privacy. Both individuals are focused on their respective careers, personal growth, and family life.

In Conclusion

Tiffany and Drew Jenkins are still married, residing together, and actively working on their relationship. They have not filed for divorce, and they continue to support and love each other. As the situation unfolds, we will provide updates on any new developments.

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