Terri Ficca Obituary: A Tribute to Her Inspiring Legacy

Terri Ficca Obituary: Terri Ficca, a much-loved teacher at Globe Park School, tragically passed away on September 24, 2007. At the age of 47, her sudden departure left a significant void in the hearts of many. Her students, colleagues, and the Woonsocket community held her in high regard and deeply felt her loss.

Early Years and Family Background

Born and raised in Butler, PA, Terri Ann Ficca spent her influential years in North Smithfield. She was the adored daughter of Dolores (Lefebvre) Ficca and the late Anthony P. Ficca.

A Journey Marked by Education

Terri’s professional life was characterized by her steadfast commitment to education. She served as a teacher at Globe Park School and became an essential part of the academic community. Her dedication, enthusiasm, and love for teaching earned her respect within the Woonsocket School Department.

In Memory of Terri Ficca

Terri’s influence as an educator at Global Park School was significant. Her unexpected passing left those who knew her in a state of deep sorrow and shock. She was an inspiration to both her students and colleagues. Terri’s legacy continues to live on in the hearts of all those fortunate enough to have known her.

An Admired Teacher and Inspirational Figure

Terri’s professional journey was defined by her unwavering dedication to education. As a devoted teacher at Globe Park School, she made a lasting impact on the academic community. Her love for teaching, relentless passion, and commitment to her 3rd-grade students made her a cherished figure within the Woonsocket School Department.

Her sudden departure has led to an outpouring of grief and online tributes as people struggle with the loss and surrounding curiosity. Today, we delve into the details of her sudden passing while simultaneously honoring her life and the enduring legacy she leaves behind.

The memory of Terri Ficca will endure as a much-admired teacher, a passionate adventurer, and a valued member of the community.


Terri Ficca’s legacy as a passionate educator and valued community member continues to inspire those who knew her. Her sudden departure has led to an outpouring of grief and tributes. As we delve into the details of her life and passing, we honor her enduring influence and the indelible mark she left behind.


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