Sheree Gustin Boyfriend: The Ex-Wife of Steve Burton Who Moved On With a New Baby

Sheree Gustin, a fitness trainer, nutrition coach, and social media influencer, boasts an Instagram following exceeding 200,000. Notably, she was formerly married to Steve Burton, a soap opera actor recognized for his roles on General Hospital and Days of Our Lives. The couple’s relationship took a tumultuous turn in 2022 when Sheree revealed her pregnancy with another man’s child. Here’s an overview of Sheree Gustin’s journey post-divorce.

Sheree Gustin and Steve Burton: A Long Marriage Unraveled by Scandal

Sheree and Steve’s story began in 1998 when they met on the set of General Hospital, where Steve portrayed Jason Morgan. They tied the knot in 1999 and welcomed three children: Makena, Jack, and Brooklyn. Their seemingly happy marriage unfolded on social media, with frequent posts showcasing their family. Sheree supported Steve’s career transitions between General Hospital and The Young and the Restless.

In a shocking turn of events in May 2022, Sheree posted a photo of her baby bump on Instagram, leading fans to assume it was Steve’s child. However, Steve promptly clarified their separation, denying paternity. The revelation left fans stunned, with speculation swirling about the reasons behind their split. The couple requested privacy, neither confirming nor denying rumors surrounding the divorce.

Sheree Gustin and Her Boyfriend: A New Chapter with Baby Izabella

In March 2023, Sheree gave birth to a daughter named Izabella. While sharing photos on her Instagram account, she kept the identity of the baby’s father private. Sheree focused on her new family, refraining from mentioning Steve or the divorce. Embracing her role as a fitness trainer and nutrition coach, she launched the Sheree Lynn Fit app, offering personalized programs. Additionally, Sheree joined the Unwell Network, hosting the podcast “Hot Mess with Sheree Lynn.”

Maintaining her privacy, Sheree continued to navigate her career and family life. She showcased her resilience and strength in overcoming life’s challenges.

What’s Next for Sheree Gustin?

Amidst her success on social media, podcasting, and motherhood, Sheree Gustin has chosen not to address rumors or controversies. She remains focused on her well-being, personal growth, and self-care. In her podcast, she shares insights from past experiences, expressing gratitude for her current life and embracing new opportunities.

An inspiration to many, Sheree demonstrates the possibility of moving on from a challenging divorce, finding love, pursuing passions, and living life authentically. As a fitness trainer, nutrition coach, social media influencer, and mother of four, Sheree Gustin emerges as a resilient woman unafraid to chart her course.

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