Savannah Soto Boyfriend: A missing couple and a mystery

Savannah Soto, an 18-year-old pregnant woman, went missing from her San Antonio, Texas home on December 22, 2023, just a day before her scheduled induction. Matthew Guerra, her 22-year-old boyfriend and the father of her unborn child, is also missing and is considered a person of interest in the case. Here is a summary of the known details:

Savannah Soto: The Expectant Mother

Savannah was last seen at her Leon Valley apartment complex on December 22, 2023, wearing a black hoodie, leggings, and shoes. At nine months pregnant, she was excited about welcoming her baby boy, Liam, and had shared pictures of her baby bump and ultrasound on social media.

Concerns arose when Savannah didn’t respond to calls or texts on her induction day. Her family found her apartment locked and empty, and she wasn’t at the hospital. Desperate, they reported her missing to the Leon Valley Police Department.

Matthew Guerra: The Boyfriend and Person of Interest

Matthew, Savannah’s boyfriend, also vanished on December 22, 2023. Witnesses reported a heated argument between him and Savannah before they left the apartment together. Matthew’s phone is off, his car is missing, and he hasn’t contacted friends or family since.

Although Matthew’s mother defended him, claiming he loved Savannah and wouldn’t harm her, the police have not confirmed a neighbor’s report of hearing Savannah scream for help the night before their disappearance.

The Investigation and the Search

The Leon Valley Police Department issued a CLEAR Alert on December 25, 2023, indicating Savannah might be in danger. Despite efforts, there are no leads or clues. Attempts to access their apartment have failed, and surveillance footage, cell phone records, and social media accounts offer no insights.

The police are seeking information from the public and urging Savannah to contact her family or the police if she’s safe. The investigation is ongoing, and their families hope for a resolution soon.


Savannah Soto and Matthew Guerra, a missing couple expecting a child, have left behind a perplexing mystery. While Savannah was due for induction, she never made it to the hospital. Matthew, her boyfriend, is a person of interest in her disappearance. Despite extensive police efforts, the whereabouts of the young couple remain unknown. Their loved ones are anxiously awaiting answers, hoping for the safe return of Savannah, Matthew, and their unborn child, Liam.

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