Ryan Garcia’s Divorce: The Shocking News That Rocked The Boxing World

Boxing sensation and social media star, Ryan Garcia, surprised fans by revealing his divorce from wife Andrea Celina on the same day he announced the birth of their son, Henry Leo. The couple, married for four years with two children, cited “irreconcilable differences” and expressed commitment to co-parenting. Here’s a breakdown of their relationship timeline, the reason for the divorce, potential impacts, and the future of their relationship.

The Timeline of Their Relationship:

Ryan and Andrea began dating in 2019, marrying in a private ceremony in 2021. They welcomed their daughter Bela in the same year and announced the second pregnancy in 2023, with son Henry Leo born on January 7, 2024.

The Reason for Their Divorce:

Hours after celebrating Henry’s birth, Ryan shared a now-deleted statement about their “difficult yet amicable” divorce on Instagram. Andrea didn’t address it publicly but posted a suggestive song on her Instagram stories. Court documents reveal Ryan filed for divorce on December 29, 2023, citing “irreconcilable differences” and noting their official separation on Christmas Day.

The Impact of Their Divorce:

The divorce may affect Ryan’s boxing career and public image, given his rising star status and lucrative contract. Andrea might face challenges in her podcasting career and as a single mother. The children may undergo changes in their family dynamics and navigate the challenges of being children of celebrities.

The Future of Their Relationship:

Despite the divorce, Ryan and Andrea express gratitude for their time together and commitment to co-parenting. Given their involvement in the boxing world, they may need to maintain contact for various events. Whether they’ve moved on romantically remains unclear.


Ryan Garcia’s divorce from Andrea Celina, announced alongside the birth of their son, marks a surprising turn in their more than five-year relationship. Despite “irreconcilable differences,” the couple is committed to co-parenting. The divorce may have repercussions in their personal and professional lives, but they appear to be navigating this transition with respect and commitment to their shared responsibility as parents.

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