Rupert Murdoch: From Adelaide to Global Media Mogul

Keith Rupert Murdoch, born on March 11, 1931, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, is an Australian-born American business tycoon, media magnate, and investor. He is the son of Sir Keith Murdoch (1886–1952), a renowned Australian war correspondent and publisher.

Murdoch’s foray into the media industry began in 1952 when he assumed control of The News, a modest Adelaide newspaper owned by his father. He transformed it into a publication primarily focused on sensational news, often crafting its headline stories himself.

During the 1950s and 1960s, Murdoch acquired several newspapers in Australia and New Zealand before venturing into the United Kingdom in 1969. There, he took over the News of the World, swiftly followed by The Sun. In 1974, Murdoch relocated to New York City to expand his presence in the US market while still maintaining interests in Australia and the UK.

In 1981, Murdoch purchased The Times, marking his entry into the British broadsheet market. In 1985, he became a naturalized US citizen, relinquishing his Australian citizenship to comply with the legal requirements for owning a US television network. His holding company, News Corporation, went on to acquire Twentieth Century Fox (1985), HarperCollins (1989), and The Wall Street Journal (2007).

Rupert Murdoch

Through News Corp, Murdoch holds ownership of a multitude of local, national, and international publishing outlets worldwide. These include The Sun and The Times in the UK, The Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, and The Australian in Australia, The Wall Street Journal and the New York Post in the US, book publisher HarperCollins, and television broadcasting channels Sky News Australia and Fox News (under the Fox Corporation).

With a net worth of US$21.7 billion as of March 2022, Murdoch ranks as the 31st wealthiest individual in the United States and the 71st richest globally, according to Forbes magazine.

Murdoch’s indelible mark on global media is undeniable. His remarkable journey, from overseeing a small Adelaide newspaper to owning a vast global media conglomerate, stands as a testament to his business acumen and visionary leadership.


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