Patrick Mahomes Wife Pregnant: The Truth Behind the NFL Star’s Family Plans

Patrick Mahomes, the renowned quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, and his wife, Brittany Mahomes, have found themselves amidst persistent pregnancy rumors.

Married in March 2022, the couple shares two children, Sterling Skye and Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III. Despite their growing family, speculation has arisen, fueled by Brittany’s social media activity and a recent brand collaboration. Let’s explore the details surrounding the rumors and separate fact from fiction.

Denial of Pregnancy Rumors in 2023

Addressing the rumors in August 2023, Brittany Mahomes took to Instagram for a Q&A session, categorically denying the pregnancy speculations. Expressing uncertainty about the origin of the rumors, she emphasized that she was not pregnant.

Brittany and Patrick conveyed contentment with their two children, with Brittany admitting to conflicting feelings about expanding their family. She affirmed that their future plans would unfold naturally.

Brand Partnership Igniting Rumors in 2024

In January 2024, Brittany Mahomes ignited fresh pregnancy rumors through her collaboration with pharmaceutical company Kaléo. The partnership aimed to promote the Auvi-q allergy injector for infants, inspired by her son’s health scare in August 2023.

After her son’s allergic reaction to peanuts, Brittany highlighted the importance of raising awareness and educating parents about food allergies and the correct use of the Auvi-q injector.

However, the brand partnership sparked speculation among fans and media outlets. Questions arose about Brittany promoting an infant-related product, leading some to believe she might be expecting.

Observers pointed to details such as her holding children on her lap in the promotional video, suggesting an attempt to conceal a potential baby bump. Additionally, they noted her choice of loose-fitting clothing and a lack of recent full-body pictures.

Silence on Pregnancy Rumors Since 2024

Since the announcement of her brand partnership in January 2024, Brittany Mahomes has maintained silence regarding the persistent pregnancy rumors.

Her social media activity continues, featuring family and work-related content, but she has refrained from directly addressing the speculation. No evident signs of pregnancy, such as a visible baby bump or sonogram, have been shared. Plans or desires for expanding their family remain undisclosed, in line with their previous stance of uncertainty.


Brittany Mahomes, the wife of Patrick Mahomes, finds herself at the center of enduring pregnancy rumors. Despite her denial in August 2023, the flames reignited with her brand partnership in January 2024.

As Brittany and Patrick remain silent on the matter, the truth behind her pregnancy status remains unclear. The couple holds the key to confirming or dispelling the speculations surrounding this ongoing mystery.

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