Noah Cyrus Plastic Surgery: Did She Really Go Under the Knife?

Noah Cyrus, the talented singer-songwriter, has been in the public eye since her childhood and carries the additional scrutiny that comes with being the younger sister of pop sensation Miley Cyrus.

Recent years have seen Noah facing plastic surgery rumors, with fans noting changes in her appearance. The question arises: Did she really undergo cosmetic procedures, or are these changes a natural part of her growth? Let’s explore the evidence and opinions surrounding Noah Cyrus’s alleged plastic surgery.

Botox and Fillers

A common accusation against Noah Cyrus suggests the use of Botox and fillers to enhance her facial features. Observations point to fuller and smoother lips, cheeks, and chin, along with higher and more arched eyebrows.

A spokesperson from MYA Cosmetic Surgery speculates that non-surgical lip filler treatments may contribute to her noticeably fuller lips, especially when she smiles. The suggestion extends to the use of dermal fillers for added volume and definition in her cheeks and chin, with Botox potentially lifting her eyebrows and smoothing her forehead.

While Noah has neither confirmed nor denied these claims, some experts argue that the changes are not significant enough to conclusively point to plastic surgery. Dr. Anthony Youn, a board-certified plastic surgeon, emphasizes that Noah’s appearance remains largely consistent over the years.

He notes that any differences, such as slightly larger lips, could be attributed to factors like lip gloss or photo angles. Dr. Youn further states that Noah’s nose and eyes show no apparent signs of surgical alteration.

Nose Job

Rumors of a nose job, or rhinoplasty, have circulated around Noah Cyrus, with some fans asserting that her nose appears thinner and more refined than before. Comparisons to her sister Miley’s nose fuel the speculation.

However, opinions on this claim vary, and Dr. Youn emphasizes that he sees no evidence of a nose job. He suggests that Noah’s nose looks natural and harmonizes with her facial features. The defense from some fans emphasizes the uniqueness and beauty of Noah’s nose, asserting that siblings often share similar features.

Chin Implant

A more recent speculation surrounds a potential chin implant, or genioplasty, after Noah Cyrus attended Paris Fashion Week in January 2023. Fans commented on her seemingly more prominent and pointed chin, suggesting a change in her face’s shape.

However, debate arises, as some argue that lighting and angle contribute to the perception. Dr. Youn dismisses the idea of a chin implant, stating that Noah’s chin remains consistent with her younger years. Supporters contend that her chin adds character and charm to her overall appearance.


The discussion surrounding Noah Cyrus’s alleged plastic surgery remains divisive, with fans and experts holding contrasting views. Some assert that she underwent multiple procedures, while others attribute changes to natural aging, makeup techniques, and camera angles.

Noah herself has not addressed these rumors directly, choosing to focus on her music and personal growth. She has also been an advocate against online bullying and body shaming, encouraging self-love and acceptance. Whether or not plastic surgery is involved, Noah Cyrus stands as a beautiful and talented individual deserving of respect and admiration.

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