Nearah Nuff Boyfriend: How the Drag Queen and the Oil Worker Found Love

Nearah Nuff, a Canadian drag queen and a contestant on Canada’s Drag Race Season 4, is recognized for her plastic surgery-inspired aesthetic, sharp wit, and impressive lip sync abilities. Her romantic journey with Jakob Schiffner, an oil worker from Calgary, Alberta, showcases the unexpected union of two seemingly opposite worlds. Here’s their remarkable story.

How They Met: A Chance Encounter at a Bar

Their paths crossed in November 2021 at a Calgary bar where Nearah was performing in her drag show. Jakob, drawn to Nearah’s charisma, approached her with compliments after the performance. Surprised by his interest, Nearah shared her drag and real names. They exchanged numbers, and the next day, Jakob invited Nearah for a coffee date. The connection was instant, revealing shared interests in music, movies, animals, humor, and adventure. Despite diverse backgrounds, they decided to see each other again, becoming inseparable.

How They Made It Work: Overcoming Challenges and Judgments

Their relationship faced challenges and judgments from both sides. Nearah’s drag friends questioned her choice, fearing she was compromising her career. Jakob encountered mockery from his oil colleagues and family for dating a drag queen. Despite the criticism, Nearah and Jakob stood by each other, learning to appreciate differences and supporting each other’s passions. They defied stereotypes, showcasing a love that transcended societal expectations.

How They Got Married: A Surprise Proposal and a Dream Wedding

In August 2023, Jakob surprised Nearah with a proposal during one of her performances, followed by a dream wedding. Jakob, with the help of Nearah’s drag friends, orchestrated the proposal at a special event. After the performance, Jakob took the stage, expressing his love and proposing. The surprise continued with a fully planned wedding, and the couple exchanged vows and rings in front of friends and family. Nearah and Jakob, overwhelmed with joy, celebrated their love with a reception.


Nearah Nuff and Jakob Schiffner’s love story is a testament to breaking boundaries and embracing acceptance. Overcoming challenges and judgments, they found happiness in each other, serving as an inspiration for those who believe in love without limitations. We extend our heartfelt wishes for their continued happiness and success.

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