Mike Pereira’s Surgery: Why He May Miss the Entire NFL Season

Mike Pereira, a former NFL vice president of officiating and current rules analyst for Fox Sports, is renowned for his extensive knowledge and insights into the intricate and contentious calls within the NFL. Unfortunately, this season, he may not be able to provide his valuable analysis due to a significant back issue that necessitates surgery. He recently announced via Twitter that he might be sidelined for the entire season due to this medical condition. Let’s delve into the details of his back problem and how he intends to deal with it.

The Back Problem:

Mike Pereira has been grappling with chronic back troubles for quite some time. He revealed that he’s been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, a condition that causes the spinal discs to deteriorate, resulting in diminished cushioning. Consequently, he experiences persistent pain, stiffness, and nerve compression in his lower back.

Despite attempting a range of treatments, including injections, physical therapy, and medication, none have provided relief. Mike has reached a point where he can scarcely walk or stand without enduring significant discomfort. To address his back problem, he is scheduled to undergo surgery in October, which involves the removal of two discs from his spine and the fusion of vertebrae using screws and rods.

The Recovery Process:

The recovery process following Mike Pereira’s surgery is anticipated to be arduous and protracted. He will spend four days in the hospital and then wear a brace for six weeks. Subsequently, he will undergo a rigorous program of physical therapy and rehabilitation that will extend over several months.

Mike remains hopeful that he will regain the ability to resume his regular activities by January or February. However, there is uncertainty regarding his ability to travel or work during the season. It’s possible that he may need to sit out the entire season, or at least a substantial portion of it. Despite his disappointment and frustration, he remains optimistic and resolute in his determination to recover swiftly, driven by his love for his job and his fans.

The Backup Plan:

Mike Pereira has devised a contingency plan should he be unable to work during the season. He intends to stay engaged with fans and media, responding to questions via platforms like Twitter. Additionally, he hopes to create podcasts or videos from the comfort of his home if feasible.

He expresses full confidence in his colleague, Dean Blandino, who, like Mike, is a former NFL vice president of officiating and a current rules analyst for Fox Sports. Mike believes that Blandino will capably manage his responsibilities on Sundays and ensure smooth coverage.

Mike also conveys his heartfelt gratitude to his fans for their unwavering support and prayers, requesting their patience during his recovery process. He deeply appreciates their love and loyalty and looks forward to reuniting with them in the near future.


Mike Pereira is a highly respected and beloved figure in the world of the NFL, but due to his forthcoming back surgery, he may not be able to share his wealth of wisdom this season. He is confronted with a severe back issue that results in pain and limited mobility. While his journey to recovery will be extended, he remains determined and optimistic. Although he has a backup plan to stay connected with his fans and colleagues, he eagerly anticipates his return to the job. His resilience in the face of adversity serves as an inspiring example of fortitude and optimism.

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