Matthew Muller Wife: Where is She Now?

Matthew Muller, a former Harvard-educated lawyer and Marine, gained infamy for his conviction in the 2015 kidnapping and rape case of Denise Huskins.

While Muller serves a 40-year sentence, little is known about his life after arrest, especially regarding his wife, Huei Jiun Dai. Delve into the details about Dai and her connection with Muller.

The Meeting and Initial Relationship

Dai encountered Muller in 2012 when she found his bank card at an ATM. Their relationship began with a brief period of dating but eventually evolved into a friendship.

Dai, an immigrant from Taiwan, held a green card and worked as an office manager. Muller, already married at the time, went through a divorce in 2012 due to irreconcilable differences.

Marriage Amidst Legal Troubles

Dai and Muller reignited their connection after his arrest for Huskins’ abduction in 2015. Despite the legal turmoil, Dai faithfully visited Muller every week at the Sacramento County Main Jail.

In March 2017, they exchanged vows in a five-minute prison ceremony, a day after Muller received his 40-year federal prison sentence. During the ceremony, physical contact between the couple was restricted.

Loyalty Despite Controversy

Dai stood by Muller, convinced of his innocence and attributing his crimes to mental illness. Muller claimed to suffer from PTSD and bipolar disorder, leading to extended periods of psychosis.

Dai went to great lengths, leaving her job to assist Muller with emails and legal paperwork. She even created the GoneGirlCase website to present Muller’s perspective and challenge the evidence against him. Despite public skepticism, Dai stated, “No matter what other people say, I know who he is.”

Current Relationship Status

As of December 2022, Dai filed for divorce from Muller. While the reason remains undisclosed, it may be linked to Muller’s additional state charges for attempted kidnapping and rape in Dublin, California, to which he pleaded guilty in 2022, receiving a concurrent 31-year sentence. As the divorce case is pending, legal documentation indicates that Muller and Dai are still legally married as of January 2024.

Whereabouts and Current Status

The present activities and location of Dai remain undisclosed. Since filing for divorce, she has maintained a low profile, refraining from interviews or public statements.

It’s possible that she altered her name or relocated to escape media attention and public scrutiny. The nature of her career, whether a continuation or a new beginning, remains unclear. The extent of her current connection with Muller or her stance on his appeals remains unknown.

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