Is Mark Owen Gay? Singer’s Secret Life Revealed

Mark Owen is a popular English singer-songwriter and member of the pop group Take That. He is married to actress Emma Ferguson and they have three children together. In 2010, Owen publicly admitted to multiple affairs, but there is no public information confirming his identification as gay.

Is Mark Owen Gay?

Mark Owen, born on January 27, 1972, is an English singer and songwriter, renowned for his membership in the pop group Take That and a successful solo career with five studio albums.

Personal Life

Mark Owen is married to actress Emma Ferguson. They crossed paths in 2004, became engaged in 2006, and tied the knot in November 2009 in Cawdor, Scotland. They are proud parents of three children: Elwood Jack (born 2006), Willow Rose (born 2008), and Fox India (born 2012).

In March 2010, Mark Owen publicly admitted to multiple affairs and an alcohol problem. Nevertheless, there is no public information confirming Mark Owen’s identification as gay. It is crucial to respect an individual’s privacy regarding their sexual orientation.

Mark Owen

Who is Mark Owen’s Wife?

Mark Owen wed British actress and artist Emma Ferguson on November 8, 2009, at Cawdor Parish Church in Nairn, Scotland. Emma, who has also worked in fashion design and modeling, appeared in the music video for Take That’s “Shine” in 2004. This marked the beginning of their relationship.

Before her acting career, Emma owned a clothing brand called “Emma Lila” and appeared in campaigns for Christian Dior and Chanel. She has also ventured into painting and exhibited her artwork in London and New York.

Mark and Emma have largely maintained a private relationship, choosing to keep their romance out of the public eye.

Does Mark Owen Have Any Children?

Mark Owen and Emma have three children: Elwood Jack (born in 2006), Willow Rose (born in 2008), and Fox India (born in 2012). The couple’s children have been involved in Take That’s rehearsals and tours on occasion, and their kids have bonded with Gary Barlow’s children due to their similar ages.

Mark Owen

Has Mark Owen Ever Cheated on Emma Ferguson?

Despite past issues, Mark Owen and Emma’s relationship is currently stable. In 2010, Mark confessed to having affairs with up to ten different women. He attributed his actions to a series of one-night affairs that occurred during the Take That “Beautiful World” reunion tour.

One of the affairs, dating back to the time he began dating Emma in 2004, was with account manager Neva Hanley before the birth of their daughter in 2008. Although Emma had concerns about their relationship, they ultimately worked through their problems, and Mark is grateful that they are still together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mark Owen Gay?

No, Mark Owen is not gay.

Who is Mark Owen’s Boyfriend?

Mark Owen is heterosexual and has not been in a relationship with a man.

Did Mark Owen Date his Bandmate?

No, Mark Owen has not been in a romantic relationship with any of his bandmates.

Who is Mark Owen’s Wife?

Mark Owen married Emma Ferguson on November 8, 2009, in a ceremony held at Cawdor Parish Church in Nairn, Scotland.

Does Mark Owen Have Kids?

Emma and Mark have three children: Elwood Jack, born in 2006, and Willow Rose and Fox India, born in 2008 and 2012, respectively.


Based on the available information, Mark Owen is married to a woman, Emma Ferguson, and they share three children. There is no public record confirming him as gay. It’s important to respect an individual’s right to privacy regarding their sexual orientation and avoid making assumptions without explicit confirmation. Showing respect for people’s personal lives is essential.


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