Lil Baby Boyfriend: Is She Dating Saweetie?

Lil Baby, one of today’s hottest rappers, boasts a string of hit songs, awards, and high-profile collaborations. But what about his romantic life?

Is there a special someone in the picture? Let’s dive into the speculation surrounding Lil Baby’s rumored relationship with Saweetie, the “Icy Girl” rapper and former flame of Quavo.

Lil Baby Denies the Rumors

Despite the swirling rumors, which were fueled by reports of a lavish $100,000 shopping spree in New York, Lil Baby took to Twitter on November 25 to clarify the situation. He strongly denied any romantic involvement with Saweetie, making it clear that he is single.

He emphasized that his primary focus is on his music, particularly his upcoming album release. “I’m Single!” he declared, dispelling any speculation about a relationship and reiterating his commitment to his musical career.

Quavo Weighs In

Quavo, who is known as Saweetie’s ex-boyfriend and also happens to be Lil Baby’s labelmate, contributed to the escalating rumors with a cryptic Instagram post on November 29.

Although he didn’t directly address the swirling rumors about Lil Baby and Saweetie, his message hinted at the possibility of a romantic partner swap.

This enigmatic post ignited even more speculation and discussion among fans, who eagerly dissected its meaning and implications.

Saweetie Basks in the Attention

Meanwhile, Saweetie seemed to revel in the lavish gifts and attention, showcasing bouquets of flowers, a diamond necklace, and a Chanel bag on her Instagram story. While the sender remained anonymous, speculation swirled regarding Lil Baby’s generosity.


The truth behind Lil Baby and Saweetie’s alleged romance remains elusive. While Lil Baby refutes the claims, Saweetie’s silence leaves room for speculation. With Quavo’s cryptic response adding to the intrigue, fans are left wondering about the nature of their relationship. As the drama unfolds, one thing is certain: the speculation surrounding this potential romance continues to captivate audiences.

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