Liam Lawson Girlfriend: Meet the Smart and Beautiful Charlotte Miller

Liam Lawson, heralded as one of Formula 1’s most promising young talents, commands attention with his prowess on the track.

Currently navigating the 2024 DTM season with the Red Bull AF Corse team, this New Zealand racer boasts an illustrious resume, having competed in esteemed championships like the FIA Formula 2 and FIA Formula 3.

But who accompanies him on his journey? Let’s delve into the world of Liam Lawson’s girlfriend, Charlotte Miller.

Charlotte Miller: Early Life and Education

Born in 1999 in New Zealand, Charlotte Miller embarked on her academic journey at St Cuthbert’s College, a prestigious institution renowned for its academic and athletic excellence.

Excelling in both realms, she proceeded to pursue higher education in forensic and criminological psychology, with current studies in law unfolding in Paris. Driven by a passion for justice and human rights, she aspires to carve a path as a legal advocate in the future.

The Romance of Charlotte Miller and Liam Lawson

The love story between Charlotte Miller and Liam Lawson blossomed in 2019, ignited by mutual connections¹. Weathering the tides of time, they’ve stood by each other’s side for over four years, offering unwavering support through life’s ebbs and flows.

Their union took center stage in 2020 when they made a public appearance at the New Zealand Grand Prix, marking the onset of a journey intertwined with F1 and DTM events.

With shared affection and camaraderie, they’ve graced social media platforms with heartwarming snapshots and videos, amassing a collective following of over 200k. Endearingly dubbed ‘Barbie and Ken’ by admirers, their striking chemistry and enchanting presence captivate audiences worldwide.

Charlotte Miller: Passions and Pursuits

Beyond her academic pursuits, Charlotte Miller radiates vibrance and adventure. Embracing a love for travel, photography, fashion, and music, she curates a life rich in diverse experiences.

Her Instagram chronicles her escapades to destinations spanning France, Italy, Spain, and the USA, offering glimpses into a world brimming with vitality. Cherishing moments with loved ones, she shares a special bond with her canine companion Luna, a frequent highlight of her social media narratives.


Charlotte Miller emerges as the quintessential counterpart to Liam Lawson, sharing not only a fervor for their respective careers but also an unwavering zest for life’s myriad adventures.

As they navigate the realms of F1 and DTM, their love story continues to inspire, encapsulating the essence of support, companionship, and mutual admiration.

With Charlotte Miller standing as more than just Liam Lawson’s girlfriend but also his staunchest advocate, the horizon brims with boundless possibilities for this dynamic duo.

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