Leo Woodall Dating: Is He Dating His White Lotus Co-star Meghann Fahy?

Leo Woodall, known for his role in Netflix’s “One Day,” has been making waves as a rising star. While he portrays Dexter Mayhew, a captivating yet flawed character, who finds love with his best friend Emma Morley, played by Ambika Mod, many wonder about his real-life romantic endeavors.

Let’s delve into the rumored relationship between Leo Woodall and his former “White Lotus” co-star Meghann Fahy.

The White Lotus Connection

Leo Woodall and Meghann Fahy’s paths first crossed on the set of HBO’s “The White Lotus,” a satirical drama set in a Hawaiian luxury resort. Leo portrayed Jack, a privileged teenager on a family vacation, while Meghann took on the role of Daphne, a newlywed attending a couples retreat.

Despite their characters’ separate storylines, off-screen, the two actors seemed to have formed a close bond, evident in their shared moments on social media. Leo’s Instagram post from September 2022, featuring photos from the set with Meghann and other cast members, hinted at their camaraderie.

The Dating Rumors

Speculation about Leo and Meghann’s relationship gained traction after they were frequently seen together. From attending the premiere of “Cherry” in October 2022, where Leo starred and the Russo brothers directed, to spending Thanksgiving together in November, documented with heartwarming Instagram posts, their outings painted a picture of closeness.

Their December 2022 trip to New York City, complete with visits to iconic landmarks and meetups with Meghann’s “The Bold Type” co-stars, showcased their companionship, with Leo affectionately referring to Meghann as his “favorite person.”

The Confirmation

Though Leo and Meghann have yet to publicly confirm their relationship, their actions have spoken volumes. Their consistent togetherness and affectionate social media posts have left little doubt about the nature of their bond.

Their public debut as a couple at the Golden Globe Awards in February 2024, where Leo expressed his gratitude to Meghann in his acceptance speech, further solidified their status as partners.


In conclusion, Leo Woodall and Meghann Fahy are indeed in a committed relationship. Their journey from co-stars on “The White Lotus” to partners in life reflects a deep connection that has blossomed since late 2022.

Their shared experiences on and off-screen, alongside the support of their fans and friends, underscore their love and commitment to each other. As they continue to navigate both their personal and professional lives, Leo and Meghann stand as not only co-stars but also soulmates.

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