Lamar Jackson Wife: Meet Jaime Taylor, the Private Partner of the NFL Star

Lamar Jackson, the NFL sensation, has captured hearts with his on-field prowess, winning MVP awards and breaking records for the Baltimore Ravens.

Off the field, he maintains a veil of privacy around his personal life, particularly with long-term girlfriend Jaime Taylor, mother of their daughter, Milan. Let’s delve into the details of who Jaime Taylor is and shed light on Lamar Jackson’s wife.

Jaime Taylor: A Successful Groomer in Los Angeles

Sources indicate that Jaime Taylor is a highly successful groomer based in Los Angeles. Her clientele includes celebrities, photographers, and renowned magazines, having collaborated with industry giants like Annie Leibovitz, Steven Klein, Richard Burbridge, and publications such as Vanity Fair, Esquire, GQ, Vogue, and Rolling Stones. She shares her life with Lamar Jackson and their daughter in Los Angeles.

College Sweethearts: The Beginning of Jaime Taylor and Lamar Jackson’s Journey

Their story began in 2017 at the University of Louisville, where Lamar Jackson, the star quarterback for the Cardinals, crossed paths with student Jaime Taylor. Despite their high-profile lives, they’ve managed to keep their relationship private, occasionally sharing glimpses on social media. Taylor has been a steadfast supporter, attending games and cheering Jackson on throughout his career.

A Bundle of Joy: Jaime Taylor and Lamar Jackson’s Daughter, Milan

On January 4, 2021, Jaime Taylor and Lamar Jackson welcomed their first child, a daughter named Milan. Born just days before Jackson’s birthday, Milan became an extra special addition to the family. The joyous announcement came via Jackson’s Instagram story, where he expressed love for his “baby girl.” Taylor also shared her happiness on Instagram, referring to Milan as “my everything.”

The Unofficial Union: Jaime Taylor and Lamar Jackson’s Relationship Status

Despite the colloquial reference to Jaime Taylor as Lamar Jackson’s wife, the couple has not officially tied the knot. While they haven’t publicly disclosed any plans for marriage, their commitment to each other is evident.

Over four years into their relationship, they’ve built a family and continue to inspire one another. In an interview with the Baltimore Ravens website, Taylor acknowledged Jackson’s influence, saying, “He’s taught me how to handle criticism… Just show them.”


Lamar Jackson and Jaime Taylor epitomize a power couple, seamlessly balancing successful careers with a private family life. Their journey, rooted in college romance, has given rise to a beautiful daughter named Milan.

Despite being in the public eye, they maintain a discreet relationship, not officially married but deeply in love. Jaime Taylor, often referred to as Lamar Jackson’s wife, is a groomer, a devoted mother, and an essential part of the NFL star’s life.

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