Kevin Hunter Girlfriend: From Wendy Williams to Sharina Hudson

Kevin Hunter, a former TV producer, gained notoriety as the ex-husband of talk show host Wendy Williams. Presently, he’s in a relationship with Sharina Hudson, with whom he shares a daughter named Journey.

This blog delves into Kevin Hunter’s romantic escapades, tracing his past with Wendy Williams and his current engagement to Sharina Hudson.

Kevin Hunter and Wendy Williams: A Rollercoaster Marriage

Kevin Hunter and Wendy Williams crossed paths in 1994 at a skating rink, tying the knot in 1997. Collaborating professionally, Kevin managed and produced Wendy’s radio and TV endeavors. Their union bore a son, Kevin Hunter Jr., in 2000.

However, beneath the surface, their marriage was marred by reports of infidelity and abuse. Allegations surfaced of Kevin’s involvement in a 15-year liaison with Sharina Hudson, initiated through radio personality Charlamagne. Wendy uncovered the affair, along with the revelation of a child fathered by Kevin in 2019, through private investigation.

After enduring 22 tumultuous years, Wendy filed for divorce in April 2019, severing all professional ties with Kevin. Their divorce was finalized in January 2020, with Wendy compensating Kevin with a lump sum of $250,000 and undisclosed alimony. She retained possession of their New Jersey estate and production company, while Kevin retained his luxury vehicles.

Kevin Hunter and Sharina Hudson: A Covert Romance

Kevin Hunter and Sharina Hudson’s clandestine relationship dates back to 2004, concealed from public scrutiny and Wendy’s awareness. They shared a residence in New Jersey, purchased by Kevin in 2018, and welcomed daughter Journey in March 2019, prompting Wendy to take decisive action.

Their liaison invited scrutiny and condemnation from Wendy’s fanbase and the media, with accusations of being home-wreckers and opportunists.

Legal challenges emerged, including accusations of sexual harassment directed at Kevin and allegations of poisoning leveled against Sharina. Despite these adversities, the couple persists in seeking privacy and understanding.

Kevin and Sharina announced their engagement in October 2021, marking a significant milestone in their relationship. Sharina’s Instagram post featuring her engagement ring sparked excitement, affirming their intention to wed in 2022 and embrace the next chapter of their lives.


In summary, Kevin Hunter’s romantic journey has been rife with tumult, transitioning from a turbulent marriage with Wendy Williams to a clandestine relationship with Sharina Hudson.

His engagement to Sharina signals a new beginning, alongside his commitment to their daughter, Journey, and his son, Kevin Jr. Reflecting on his past, Kevin expresses remorse for any pain caused to Wendy, while embracing his future with Sharina, aspiring to tranquility and stability.

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