Kenan Thompson’s Estranged Wife Dating SNL Colleague

Kenan Thompson, a long-time presence in comedy on television, boasts a fascinating dating history. He’s entertained us for many years with his youthful roles in “All That” and “Kenan and Kel,” as well as his impressive 18-season run on “Saturday Night Live.”

Marriage to Christina Evangeline

In November 2011, Thompson tied the knot with Christina Evangeline. Evangeline, with her own showbiz experience, added to her acting credits. The two were introduced by a talent manager and exchanged vows at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. Together, they are proud parents to two daughters, Georgia and Gianna.

Thompson is a devoted husband and father. He once shared with Fatherly, “It’s everything. Being a husband was the goal. I left behind my bachelor life, spent a lot of time by myself, and, as they say, when you stop looking, you’ll find it. That’s when I met my wife, and we shared the same values.

We both wanted marriage and a family. My daily focus is ensuring everyone is taken care of, and my other focus is how I can provide for everyone. This is what drives me to work tirelessly. I have a personal need to provide for my family.”

Kenan Thompson Dating History

Rumors of Separation

Despite rumors of a separation, it seems that Thompson and Evangeline are still going strong. Media Mass reported seeing the comedian alone, sparking separation rumors. However, these claims lacked substantial evidence, and the source later admitted that the story seemed inaccurate.

Post-Separation Relationships

Subsequently, it was confirmed that Thompson and Evangeline had quietly separated a year and a half earlier but remained committed to an amicable relationship. Their official separation occurred in November 2020, and Thompson filed for divorce two months later.

After their separation, Thompson’s estranged wife, Christina Evangeline, began dating his former Saturday Night Live colleague, Chris Redd, at the beginning of 2023. The two had been friends for several years, having met before Chris joined SNL.

Meanwhile, Thompson has also been linked to Lisslo after filing for divorce from his wife. In June 2022, Thompson reportedly filed for divorce from Christina Evangeline.

Despite their separation, Thompson and Evangeline maintain a close co-parenting relationship. They plan to spend holidays together and celebrate their daughters’ birthdays as a family.


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