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Kelz, born as Kelechi “Kelz” Dyke on November 26, 1992, hails from Austria. At the age of 13, he relocated to the UK, growing up in London. High school saw him at Warren Comprehensive School, and from 2012 to 2015, he pursued international finance and trade at the University of Portsmouth. 

Graduating with top grades, Kelz commenced his career as a personal trainer at LA Fitness, later transitioning to PureFit. In 2017, he joined Aerotek as a recruiter and eventually became a senior consultant at Proclinical Staffing, assisting life science partners in finding specialized talent.

Kelz Dyke Dating History

Kelz Dyke, a British model, senior recruitment consultant, and footballer, gained fame through his participation in the 2020 reality dating show, Too Hot to Handle, on Netflix. Known as “The Accountant” among fellow contestants, he played a pivotal role in ensuring adherence to the show’s rules and managing the prize money.

Before Too Hot to Handle:

Born in Nigeria to Nigerian parents, Kelz Dyke moved to Austria in his youth and later settled in the UK. He earned a degree in business management from the University of Portsmouth and worked as a fitness trainer and consultant for a recruitment company before joining Too Hot to Handle.

During Too Hot to Handle:

While on the show, Kelz Dyke refrained from forming any romantic connections but engaged in interactions with other contestants. He briefly flirted with Francesca Farago, who attempted to seduce him without success. Tensions arose with Harry Jowsey, accusing Kelz of being too controlling and possessive. However, the two reconciled after acknowledging their mistakes.

After Too Hot to Handle:

Since leaving the show, Kelz Dyke has not officially confirmed any new relationships. There have been speculations about his connection with model Emily Ratajkowski, who expressed admiration for him on social media. Rumors of their dating surfaced when Emily mentioned being “massively into him” during the Too Hot To Handle reunion special. However, Kelz denied any involvement with Emily, stating that their relationship was still in the “early days.” The current status of their contact remains unclear.

Kelz Dyke, a charismatic and accomplished individual, has navigated intriguing experiences in the dating world. While opportunities may have been missed on Too Hot to Handle, he still has numerous chances ahead of him. The future holds uncertainties, and only time will reveal what lies ahead for him.

Kelz Dyke: The Accountant Who Upheld Integrity on Too Hot to Handle “Current Dating and Happy Life”

Kelz Dyke, a professional American football player, made his mark on the Netflix reality show Too Hot to Handle in 2020. The show presented a challenge to attractive singles: abstain from any sexual contact to earn a cash prize. For Kelz, this meant a choice between adhering to the rules, safeguarding the prize money, or risking his reputation by breaking them.

Kelz opted to stand by his principles, earning him the nickname “The Accountant” for his meticulous handling of money and reluctance to compromise it. Despite a brief fling with Francesca Farago, one of the show’s standout contestants, Kelz chose to end the relationship before it deepened.

Since departing from the show, Kelz has maintained a low profile, concentrating on his football career. He plays for the London Warriors, a British American football team based in London. With an Instagram following exceeding 369,000, he shares glimpses of his life and friendships on the platform.

Kelz has kept details about his personal life and dating status under wraps post-Too Hot to Handle. However, he hinted at receiving messages from women worldwide, including one from Emily Ratajkowski, a renowned actress and model known for her bold photoshoots.

Beyond the show, Kelz appears to be relishing life more freely. Confident and content with his choices, he harbors no regrets about staying true to himself. The attention from fans and media doesn’t seem to faze him, and he embraces his role as the accountant who stood firm against breaking the rules on Too Hot to Handle.

Ending Lines

Kelz’s enthusiasm extends to American football, where he contributes to the London Warriors, a British American football team based in London. He secured victory in the Brit Bowl, the championship game for the British American Football Association Community Leagues, approximately a year and a half ago. 

Notably, Kelz had the opportunity to train with Odell Beckham Jr., one of his idols. For more related update keep your eyes on our website and follow us for more future updates.

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