Kacey Musgraves Divorce: How Divorce Inspired Her New Album?

Kacey Musgraves, a Grammy-winning country singer-songwriter renowned for her progressive and genre-defying music, has crafted four albums to date, notably the critically acclaimed “Golden Hour,” which clinched Album of the Year at the 2019 Grammys.

Yet, beneath her accolades and contentment, Musgraves grappled with personal upheaval as her marriage to fellow musician Ruston Kelly unravelled. The couple filed for divorce in 2020, marking the end of their union in less than three years. This post delves into Musgraves’ journey through divorce and the profound influence it had on her latest album, “Star-Crossed.”

A Love Story Turns Sour

Musgraves and Kelly’s paths crossed in 2016 at Nashville’s iconic Bluebird Cafe, both enraptured by their mutual performances. Their connection ignited swiftly, leading to a whirlwind romance.

They exchanged vows in a picturesque ceremony on a Tennessee farm in October 2017, with Musgraves extolling Kelly as her “soulmate” and “best friend.” Their relationship, immortalized in Musgraves’ romantic compositions like “Butterflies,” “Love Is a Wild Thing,” and “Rainbow” from “Golden Hour,” endeared them to fans as an ideal couple.

The Rift

However, beneath the façade of perfection, strains emerged. Musgraves and Kelly grappled with the pressures of divergent schedules, distinct personalities, and personal struggles. Musgraves battled with depression and anxiety, resorting to psychedelic substances for solace, while Kelly confronted his own history of substance abuse and addiction in recovery.

Despite earnest attempts at reconciliation through therapy and shared songwriting endeavors, the couple realized their incompatibility and announced their separation in July 2020, affirming their enduring mutual respect and affection.

Navigating Healing

Post-divorce, Musgraves and Kelly embarked on a journey of introspection and catharsis. Both articulated their grief and melancholy through candid social media posts and interviews, channeling their emotions into their respective musical ventures.

Musgraves poured her heart into crafting “Star-Crossed,” a poignant testament to her emotional odyssey through heartbreak, anger, acceptance, and hope. The album, structured as a modern-day tragedy in three acts, showcases Musgraves’ musical versatility while chronicling her tumultuous journey. Concurrently, Kelly released “Shape & Destroy,” delving into his battles with addiction, mental health, and spirituality.

Embracing the Future

Having traversed the tumult of divorce, Musgraves and Kelly now gaze ahead with optimism. Musgraves, promoting her latest album, “Star-Crossed,” plans a tour to share her music with fans while relishing moments with her new beau, poet and writer Cole Schafer. Meanwhile, Kelly delves into a documentary project chronicling his recovery journey, alongside plans for a concert tour and newfound happiness with a supportive partner.


Kacey Musgraves and Ruston Kelly, former spouses who navigated divorce in 2020, leveraged their musical prowess to traverse the emotional turbulence that ensued. Their respective albums, “Star-Crossed” and “Shape & Destroy,” serve as poignant reflections of their individual struggles and triumphs. Embracing the future with courage and grace, both artists inspire audiences with their candid storytelling and unwavering resilience.

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