Shakira Dating Jimmy Butler? NBA Star Reveals Truth

NBA star Jimmy Butler, aged 34, who plays for the Miami Heat, recently addressed the rumors surrounding his relationship with the 46-year-old singer Shakira. The duo was seen spending time together in July, sparking speculations about a possible romantic involvement.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Jimmy decided to clarify the situation. He began by expressing his admiration for Shakira, stating, “She’s an incredible person and an amazing talent, but you can’t always believe what people say. People tend to invent things.” Nevertheless, he emphasized that appearances can be misleading, saying, “Just because we’re friends, she lives in Miami, and her sons are big basketball fans, it doesn’t mean we’re dating.” He added, “Just because people spend time together doesn’t mean they’re in a romantic relationship. But it does give people something to talk about, so go ahead and speculate.”

He lightened the mood when Rolling Stone playfully mentioned Shakira’s famous song “Hips Don’t Lie,” and he responded with a laugh, saying, “Yeah, you like that?”

Shakira Dating Jimmy Butler

These statements from Jimmy come after a report from Us Weekly less than two months ago, suggesting that he and Shakira were becoming closer and enjoying each other’s company. A source had told Us Weekly, “Jimmy makes Shakira smile, and she’s really enjoying getting to know him on a deeper level.” The insider also noted that Jimmy stood out from Shakira’s previous relationships as he took the initiative and made her feel valued by planning and pursuing her.

While they are taking things slow, the source mentioned, “She appreciates how he takes the lead in the relationship,” adding, “He’s the one who makes plans with her, pursues her, and it makes her feel valued. Shakira is open to seeing where things go, but it’s too early to determine if there’s long-term potential.”

Before her connection with Jimmy, Shakira had made headlines due to her separation from Gerard Pique in June 2022. The former couple had been together for 11 years and confirmed their split in a statement, emphasizing their focus on their children’s well-being and requesting privacy during this challenging time.


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