Jake Knapp Girlfriend: The PGA Tour’s Newest Power Couple

Jake Knapp, a rising star on the PGA Tour, recently clinched his first title at the Mexico Open. His girlfriend, Makena White, has been his steadfast companion throughout his ascent.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the backgrounds of Jake Knapp and Makena White, recount their meeting, and explore the dynamics of their relationship.

Introducing Jake Knapp and Makena White

Jake Knapp, a 29-year-old professional golfer from California, turned pro in 2016. A three-time All-American during his college golf tenure at UCLA, Knapp secured his PGA Tour card in 2023 by finishing in the top 25 of the Korn Ferry Tour.

His breakthrough season in 2024 saw him claim victory at the Mexico Open, culminating in four top-10 finishes. Currently ranked 101st globally, Knapp has amassed over $3 million in prize money.

Makena White, 26, hails from Arizona and boasts a following of over 500,000 on Instagram. As the founder and CEO of Makena Cosmetics, a cruelty-free beauty brand, she advocates for animal rights, environmental causes, and mental health awareness. The duo’s paths converged in 2022 at a charitable event in Phoenix.

The Meeting of Jake and Makena

Their encounter took place at the Birdies for Hope Gala, a fundraiser aiding the Hope for Children Foundation. Makena recalls being drawn to Knapp’s smile and wit, sparking an immediate connection.

Exchanging contact information, they commenced texting and calling, leading to their inaugural date at a vegan eatery in Scottsdale a week later. Their shared interests and chemistry solidified their bond.

Embarking on their relationship in March 2022, they’ve since been inseparable, embarking on ventures to destinations like Hawaii, Italy, and Mexico. Aligned in their support for each other’s endeavors, they often join forces, whether attending tournaments together or collaborating on projects such as a golf-inspired makeup line.

The Essence of Their Relationship

Jake and Makena characterize their bond as affectionate, supportive, and enjoyable. Emphasizing their friendship and mutual respect, they relish shared activities like golf, movie nights, and time with their pets. Effective communication, honesty, and loyalty underpin their relationship, fostering personal and collective growth.

Content with their current trajectory, they’re in no hurry to wed or start a family, prioritizing their careers and partnership. Undeterred by external pressures, they’re grateful for the backing of fans and family alike, eagerly anticipating what lies ahead.


In summary, Jake Knapp and Makena White represent the PGA Tour’s latest power couple, captivating audiences with their achievements and affections. Their journey from a chance meeting at a charity event to a harmonious relationship reflects their shared values and aspirations.

Serving as inspirations and advocates, they navigate fame with grace, undeterred by scrutiny. Here’s to Jake and Makena, a beacon of love and success on and off the golf course.

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