Is Tom Brady Dating Chris from MrBeast? The Truth Behind the Rumors

Tom Brady, renowned for his seven Super Bowl wins in his illustrious 23-year NFL career, and Chris, also known as Kris Tyson, a popular YouTube personality associated with the MrBeast crew, have recently been the subjects of online speculation regarding a possible romantic involvement.

However, amidst the buzz and curiosity among fans, it’s crucial to discern fact from fiction. In this blog, we’ll delve into the origins of these rumors, examine the evidence, and uncover the reality behind the alleged relationship between Tom Brady and Chris from MrBeast.

How did the rumors start?

The rumors linking Tom Brady and Chris from MrBeast romantically began in March 2023. Chris shared a video on her Instagram, showcasing her son Tucker meeting Brady and requesting him to throw a football.

This heartwarming interaction led to widespread attention, with viewers expressing admiration for both Brady and Chris, and some speculating about a potential romantic connection between them.

Further fueling the rumors, Brady himself shared the video on his Twitter account, expressing gratitude for meeting Tucker and Chris. However, it wasn’t long before tabloids seized upon the moment, publishing sensationalized stories suggesting a clandestine affair between Brady and Chris.

The speculation intensified when the two were spotted together in Los Angeles in July 2023, generating more gossip about their alleged relationship.

What is the truth?

Despite the swirl of rumors, the truth is unequivocal: Tom Brady and Chris from MrBeast are not romantically involved. Both individuals have unequivocally refuted the claims and clarified their relationship status.

Brady, in an interview with ESPN, reaffirmed his love for his wife, Gisele Bündchen, and emphasized the falsehood of the rumors surrounding him and Chris.

Similarly, Chris addressed the speculation in a YouTube video, asserting that they are merely friends and colleagues, brought together by mutual acquaintances and professional collaborations.

Moreover, both Brady and Chris have consistently demonstrated love and appreciation for their respective partners and families on social media.

Brady frequently shares heartfelt posts about his wife and children, underscoring the strength of their relationship. Similarly, Chris has expressed gratitude for the support of her close friends, including MrBeast, and has remained focused on her professional endeavors.

Additionally, both individuals have continued to pursue their respective careers and philanthropic efforts, undeterred by the baseless rumors circulating about them. Brady has ventured into sports commentary and established his foundation, while Chris remains an integral part of the MrBeast team, using her platform to advocate for various causes.


In conclusion, the rumors suggesting a romantic relationship between Tom Brady and Chris from MrBeast are unsubstantiated and false. Both individuals have vehemently denied any romantic involvement and have reaffirmed their commitment to their respective partners and families.

As they continue to excel in their careers and contribute positively to society, it’s essential to disregard unfounded speculation and instead focus on their accomplishments and contributions. Let’s respect their privacy and celebrate their achievements accordingly.

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