Is Tiffany Jenkins Getting a Divorce? The Truth Behind the Rumors

Tiffany Jenkins, a former addict, best-selling author, and humorist, shares her journey of recovery and mental health through blogging, speaking, and writing. Married to Drew Jenkins, who also battled addiction, the couple recently celebrated their 8th anniversary on February 16, 2022. Despite rumors circulating about their divorce, no official confirmation or denial has been issued.

The Background of Tiffany Jenkins’s Marriage

Tiffany and Drew’s story began in 2012 during their shared recovery from drug addiction. Tiffany, previously arrested for stealing and selling Drew’s firearms for drugs, faced numerous felonies. After spending four months in jail, she moved to a halfway house, seeking a fresh start.

Drew, a deputy sheriff, and Tiffany started dating, eventually marrying in 2014. They are parents to three children: Chloe, Kaiden, and Landon. Tiffany’s transparency about her past struggles led to the success of her memoir, “High Achiever: The Incredible True Story of One Addict’s Double Life,” and her popular blog and Facebook page, “Juggling the Jenkins,” amassing over 9 million followers across platforms.

The Source of the Divorce Rumors

Speculation about Tiffany Jenkins’s divorce surfaced on social media in late September 2022. Changes like a new Facebook profile picture and the removal of “wife” from her bio sparked rumors. Some fans noted her alleged unfollowing of Drew on Instagram, adding fuel to the speculation.

Despite these changes, no official statements from Tiffany or Drew confirmed or denied the rumors. Fans had varying reactions, with some defending Tiffany’s right to privacy, while others expressed concern. However, there was no concrete evidence to substantiate the claims.

The Response from Tiffany Jenkins

On their 8th anniversary, Tiffany posted on Instagram, celebrating the magic of their eight years together. While the post received widespread congratulations and relief from fans, Tiffany did not directly address the divorce rumors. She clarified that she hadn’t unfollowed Drew on Instagram; he had merely changed his username.

The post seemingly dispelled the divorce rumors, but Tiffany did not elaborate on the changes in her social media profiles. Since then, no further photos or videos featuring Drew have been shared on her platforms.

The Conclusion

Tiffany Jenkins, an inspirational figure who conquered challenges, celebrated her 8th anniversary with Drew amid divorce rumors. While her Instagram post suggested a happy marriage, Tiffany has not publicly addressed the rumors or explained social media changes. The current status of their relationship remains uncertain, and the couple may choose whether or not to share it with the public. Wishing Tiffany and Drew continued happiness as they navigate life with love and humor.

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