Is Savannah Labrant Pregnant? Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Joy

Savannah LaBrant, a prominent figure on social media and a renowned fashion blogger, is well-known as the wife of YouTube sensation Cole LaBrant. As a devoted mother to three children—Everleigh, Posie, and Zealand—this blog delves into Savannah’s pregnancy journey, exploring the moments from the announcement to delivery and how she candidly shared her joys and challenges with her vast fan base.

The Announcement

On December 9, 2019, Savannah and Cole joyfully shared their pregnancy news on their YouTube channel, The LaBrant Fam. Anticipating their third child together and fourth as a family (with Everleigh being Savannah’s daughter from a previous relationship), the couple posted a heartwarming Instagram photo. In the image, they held up a positive pregnancy test, with their smiling daughters in the background.

Expressing immense happiness and gratitude, especially after a previous miscarriage, Savannah conveyed her hope for a natural birth, having previously undergone a C-section with Posie.

The Baby Bump

Throughout her pregnancy, Savannah showcased her growing baby bump, sharing photos and videos in various outfits, bikinis, and maternity dresses. Documenting her workouts, cravings, and ultrasounds, she provided updates on the baby’s development and her own health. Despite feeling mostly energetic, she candidly discussed moments of nausea and back pain.

While receiving an outpouring of love and support, Savannah also faced criticism from some who questioned her authenticity and responsibility. Undeterred, she focused on positive comments and messages, choosing to ignore the negativity.

The Delivery

On July 29, 2020, at 39 weeks of pregnancy, Savannah gave birth to Zealand Cole LaBrant through a natural and swift labor, with Cole by her side. Weighing 8 lbs., 2 oz., and measuring 21 inches long, Zealand had blonde hair and blue eyes, capturing hearts with his adorable presence.

The couple introduced Zealand to the world via social media, sharing photos and videos of their precious addition. Through a birth story vlog, they offered a glimpse into the emotional and beautiful moments of labor and delivery, expressing their profound love for their baby boy and considering him a true blessing and miracle.

The Conclusion

Savannah LaBrant’s pregnancy journey unfolds as a source of inspiration and joy. Her openness about both happiness and struggles resonated with fans, and she celebrated her body and baby in her unique way. Welcoming her son with immense joy and love, Savannah embraced her new role as a mother of four. Through her experiences, she highlighted the incredible and rewarding aspects of pregnancy and motherhood, emphasizing that every woman has the right to navigate these journeys as she sees fit.

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