Ross Lynch Plays Gay Serial Killer, But Is He Gay Himself?

Ross Shor Lynch, born on December 29, 1995, is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and actor. He gained fame as the lead vocalist of the pop rock band R5 and is one half of the band the Driver Era, along with his brother, Rocky Lynch.

As an actor, he rose to recognition through his debut role as Austin Moon on Disney Channel’s comedy television series, “Austin & Ally,” and for his role as Brady in the network’s “Teen Beach Movie” film series. Currently, Ross Lynch is portraying a young Jeffrey Dahmer in “The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.”

Is Ross Lynch Gay?

No, Ross Lynch is not gay. However, the former Disney star from “Austin & Ally” plays the role of a young gay serial killer in “The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.” He was surprised when he received thirty tweets from gay boys while appearing on a talk show.

Are Ross Lynch and Laura Marano still friends after ‘Austin & Ally’?

Absolutely! Ross Lynch was recently seen at Laura’s album launch party in September 2023, where the former co-stars posed together for multiple Instagram photos. Laura released her debut album, “I May Be an Actress, But I Can’t Fake How I Feel,” that same month, and their friendship remains strong.

Is Ross Lynch Gay

Did Ross Lynch and Laura Marano date during ‘Austin & Ally’?

The two began their careers on Disney Channel’s “Austin & Ally,” with Laura playing a shy songwriter named Ally and Ross portraying a confident singer named Austin. The show ran for four seasons from 2012 to 2016. Over the years, both actors have confirmed that there was no romantic involvement behind the scenes during the filming of “Austin & Ally.

Laura explained in a March 2019 interview that it’s a positive sign when audiences ship the characters because it means they’re engaged with the show. Ross, in 2014, referred to his former co-stars as “super close friends.” There have been discussions about a possible reunion movie, with other cast members like Calum Worthy, Raini Rodriguez, and John Paul Green expressing interest. Laura has also shown enthusiasm for the idea of a reunion movie, citing their special bond and willingness to work together again.


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